10 of the Easiest Classes at UF

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Looking for some easy classes at University of Florida? You are at the right place. UF offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at UF.

1. ARC 1720 – Survey of Architecture History

A survey of monumental buildings and their embodied architectural intentions from the pre-historical ages to the current age. Demonstrating interactive relationships between form and idea in architecture throughout history across cultural and regional differences.

2. COM 4022 – Health Communication

This class surveys theory, research and practice of communication in the contexts of healthcare and health promotion.

3. SYG 2430 – Marriage and Family

This course covers the development of masculine and feminine roles. Recent changes in premarital interaction, such as dating, sexual involvement, coed dorm living, living together. Mutual adjustment and parenthood.

4. GEO 2200 – Physical Geography

This course studies the development and distribution of landforms, climates, minerals, soils and water resources. Interrelationships among the physical environment and regional patterns formed.

5. URP 3001 – Cities of the World

Comparative case studies of contemporary cities in the U.S. and a series of foreign countries, both industrialized and developing. Special consideration is given to energy consumption.

6. HUM 2420 – African Humanities

This a a GE course similar in philosophy and purpose to the basic sequence. Content covers from the philosophies, literature, arts and music of various African countries and regions.

7. MAR 2290 – Retail Management Seminar

Weekly lectures feature a different executive making a presentation in his or her area of expertise. Major issues in retailing are addressed. Discussions of career opportunities and career paths in retailing.

8. ORH 1030 – Plants, Gardening and You

This class is an overview of environmental horticulture that emphasizes the art and science of growing, installing and maintaining plants used to enhance and improve the human environment indoors and outdoors. Gain familiarity with the science and the industries associated with environmental horticulture.

9. LIN 2000 – Language: Humanities Perspective

Language in use in areas of general interest to the humanities, including language, dialect and accent, language endangerment and language change.

10. MUL 2010 – Experiencing Music

Examines how we experience music and how it teaches us about ourselves and our world. Illuminates how music both shapes and is shaped by social, political, national, and cultural forces. Music from around the world demonstrates a variety of musical experiences within historical and contemporary cultural settings.

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