10 Easy Classes at University of Georgia

University of Georgia

Many student at UGA are looking for ways to boost their GPA each semester in order to fulfill the requirements. One of the best ways to do this is by taking some of the easier classes that are offered. Here are 10 easy classes that are offered at University of Georgia!

1. ENTO 2010 – Insects and the Environment

Designed to acquaint students with our dependence on and interaction with insects in today’s world. If you don’t like insects, this is probably a no take class.

2. GEOG 1112 – Introduction to Weather and Climate

Atmospheric composition and structure, clouds, precipitation, and atmospheric motion and winds. Organized weather systems, including air masses, fronts, and severe weather. Discussion of global climates includes circulation, wind systems, climate classification, and climate change.

3. POUL 1010 – Birds in Our Lives

This is a survey class that goes over the care, health and breeding management of parrots, pigeons, game birds, falcons, and other exotic birds. If you are a bird lover, this is a must take course!

4. SOCI 1101: Introductory Sociology

Basic concepts, theoretical approaches, and methods of sociology, with an emphasis on culture, socialization, social organization, and major institutions.

5. ARTS 2000 – Art Appreciation

Understanding painting, sculpture, architecture, and design to enhance aesthetic appreciation.

6. PSYC 1101 – Elementary Psychology

The phenomena, laws, theories, and history of psychology. Topics include animal and human learning, motivation, perception, individual differences, social behavior, and biopsychology. Emphasis is on fundamental principles rather than on application.

7. DANC 2010 – Dance Appreciation

This course covers the dance experience, exploring related roles of the dancer, choreographer and spectator. Historical and critical readings and illustrated lectures will acquaint the student with masterpieces of dance theatre art and develop the student’s responsiveness to dance.

8. ANTH 1102 – Introduction to Anthropology

Exploration of the scientific principles governing natural systems and their contribution to understanding the emergence and biological evolution of humans, the role of environment in shaping human behavioral and cultural variation, and the consequences of human activity on local, regional, and global ecosystems.

9. GEOL 1120 – Environmental Geoscience

Exploration of various effects on Earth’s long-term physical-chemical systems caused by human consumption and pollution of its vital resources and emphasize environmental and geological issues critical to earth’s sustainability.

10. HORT 2000 – Horticulture Science Perspectives of Sustainable Plant Production

This course studies the biological, cultural, and environmental factors which influence the sustainable production of plants for human use.

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