10 Easy Classes at University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

We all hate that time when we have to sign up for classes at UND. Especially when we are looking for easy classes to help boost our GPA in college. Here is a list of 10 easy classes at University of North Dakota.

1. COMM 102 – Communication and the Human Community

An introduction to the important concepts and principles of human communication, with a focus on how humans create meaningful worlds to live in through shared language, shared visual perception and interaction processes.

2. GEOG 161 – World Regional Geography

A study of the pattern of distribution of the physical elements of the global environment. The origin and characteristics of the terrestrial grid, earth-space relations, climate, land-forms, vegetation, and soils. F,S,SS.

3. CHIN 101 – First Year Chinese I

Fundamentals of Chinese grammar, oral use of the language and reading of easy Chinese. F

4. ART 130 – Drawing I

Study and application of different drawing media, methods and techniques. Form, proportion, composition, and perspective covering a wide range of media and subject; experimentation in line and color quality; figure work.

5. ECON 303 – Money and banking

This class studies the nature of our current Monetary system, functional analysis of commercial bank operations, limits to credit expansion, alternative theories of the value of money, monetary and fiscal policies for control of the business cycle and more.

6. MATH 103 – College Algebra

Polynomial and rational functions, inverse functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, simple conics, systems of equations, determinants, arithmetic and geometric sequences, the Binomial Theorem.

7. SOC 110 – Introduction to Sociology

A systematic examination of the social components of human behavior, including the norms, laws, cultural patterns, and economic forces that organize everyday life.

8. ANTH 171- Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

This course focus on examination of diversity and similarities across contemporary world societies. Topics include fieldwork and ethnographic description, theoretical approaches, communication/human language, interrelationships between environment, technology, social and political organization and worldview, socio-cultural change, applied anthropology.

9. PSYC 111 – Introduction to Psychology

A survey class of the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, with consideration of the nature and scope of psychology as a science and a profession.

10. THEA 110 – Introduction to Theatre Arts

This class goes over the basic orientation and historical perspective to theatre arts. Study of the roles of playwright, director, actor, designer, producer, and audience members in current theatre practice.

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