5 Reason To Take Beginning Ballet at University of Iowa

University of Iowa

Ever imagined what taking ballet has in store, well you can definitely find out at the University of Iowa. The course name for Beginning Ballet is DANC:1030:0003 and you can read what is required and other material. Beginning Ballet is for those who are interested in the basic techniques for ballet, or experienced dancers who want to go over the basics again. You can learn more about how your body moves, and discover muscles that you didn’t know how to properly move.

1. Proper Warm Ups

In ballet, it’s definitely recommend to warm up your body. Whether it be stretching or exercises that will wake up those drowsy muscles, without a proper warm up, you can possibly hurt yourself and your body. In ballet, floor work will focus on the hamstrings, thighs, inner and outer obliques, and many other muscles you wouldn’t think about. All these exercises will get the body ready, and help with familiarizing yourself with certain muscles and parts of your body. You can apply these for when you are on bar.

2. Strengthening Your Body

Looking at ballerinas, you noticed their beautiful physique, but obviously, you’re not just born with a rocking body, you have to build that physique. In Beginning Ballet, you noticed that you’re calf muscles, foot muscles, and even core begins to strengthen and you’ll see results. Another thing you’ll notice your balance. In the beginning, it’s hard to balance on your tippy toes. As you progress in the course, you begin to build up muscle and learn the proper way to balance and plant those toes!

3. Learn the Basics

Obviously, since it is a beginning ballet class, you’ll just be learning the basics. What it entails is the basic positions like first, sixth, and second. You’ll learn how to properly use your muscle to turn, jump, or stand on your toes. You’ll learn the points of your feet and how they should be when pointing your toes or where they should be when moving your body. Basically the foundation of ballet.

4. Discover More About Your Body

As you begin learning the basics, you’ll learn muscles and maybe placements of bones and muscles that are in your body. This is to help you learn what you’re moving and to properly move them or stretch them correctly so you don’t cause any injury. You may learn about your own body and how it moves compared to other classmates.

5. Make New Friends

A fun way to make new friends that may have a similar interest as you. With a smaller class size, it’s easier to familiarize yourself with your classmates. In Beginning Ballet, you are able to pair up and observe each other and make comments/observations of your partners. With that, you can take the opportunity to chat and get to know some people.

Beginning Ballet is a fun class to take to get away from the serious classes. You’ll be able to strengthen your body and learn how your body moves and how to properly move it while learning the basics of ballet. You may be able to get to know some new people and make some new friendships. So try something new and check out Beginning Ballet at the University of Iowa!

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