5 Reasons Why Slippery Rock University is Ultimately Diverse

Slippery Rock University Diversity

Slippery Rock’s campus is very diverse. SRU does a great job at making every student feel welcomed and at home. They believe that the differences on campus are what makes the university so great. In this article, you will see the five great ways that Slippery Rock University is diverse.

1. The Black Faculty and Staff Association

The Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) is an organization here on campus that works and makes sure that there are leadership, educational programs or opportunities, and other resources that are good for not only Slippery Rock University, but the community of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania as a whole. Their mission is to make sure that SRU is culturally aware and inclusive. The association is open to anyone on campus who believes in the same mission.

2. The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity

The office believes that students at Slippery Rock will excel as a caring community of lifelong learners connecting with the world. The University is strongly firm about their equal opportunity and will not deny or accept anyone based off of their race, age, religion, ancestry, disability, gender, or veteran’s status. The office’s mission is to maintain a safe campus, maintain the quality of campus’s facilities, and many other important things.

3. The LGBTQ+ Support on campus

Slippery Rock provides a ton of support for individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. There is a pride center where they can learn about what it means to be LGBTQ, meet others like them, and it is just generally a place where they can feel safe. Then, there is the ROCKout organization where LGBTQ+ students go out and educate others on the community. The university provides all-gender restrooms so that transgender students do not have to feel the pressure of choosing a male or female bathroom. There is even an LGBTQ+ association for alumni of the university to join!

4. The Office for Inclusive Excellence

This office on campus provides support for students who feel detached. This office gives students the opportunity to feel at home, safe, and feel supported. It also gives students a voice. The office has four primary focuses. The first is transitions. This helps students transition better into college, and even helps out the transfer students. The second is mentoring. This is where all the clubs and orgs on campus come into play. The third is inclusion which includes the pride center, the women’s center, the veteran’s center, and the interfaith council. Then, the last is advocacy.

5. The Women’s Center

The Women’s Center is the last thing on the diversity list here at SRU. Their mission is to create an environment in which men and women can live and work together in an equal and positive environment. Their goals are to support and advocate achievement for female students. The Center educates the campus through different events, and they empower women through on and off-campus workshops. They have been located in the Robert M. Smith Student Center in the same spot they have been in since 2012.

As if Slippery Rock wasn’t already great enough, the diversity of the campus makes it so much better! It really helps students feel at home at SRU. Even the international students feel comfortable here!!

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