How Well do You Know a University of Michigan Student?

The University of Michigan is a huge school with over 30,000 undergraduate and over 15,000 graduate enrollments. With so many students and organization on campus, how well do you really know University of Michigan students?

Humans of University conducted a survey of over 400 University of Michigan students to find out more about their lifestyle, academics, financial position and mental health. Here are the results of the survey with some interesting findings.

This survey was conducted on February 29th, 2020.

1. What year are you in at University of Michigan?

Out of the 400 students in the survey, majority are in their freshman year with 45% freshman. 34% sophomores, 14% juniors and 7% seniors.

University of Michigan - currently enrolled in survey

2. What is the best streaming platform you are currently using?

To learn more about the University of Michigan student’s lifestyle, we asked which streaming platform they like the most and also which social media they use the most.

University of Michigan - top streaming platform survey

3. Which social media app do you use the most currently?

University of Michigan - social media app survey

4. Are you currently on student loans?

To understand more about the student’s financial position, we surveyed whether they are currently on student loans or not. Surprisingly, majority of University of Michigan students are currently not on student loans.

University of Michigan - student loans survey

5. What are your estimated weekly spending during the school year?

University of Michigan - weekly spending and budget survey

6. Do you drink coffee or use products to help you study?

University of Michigan - Drinking coffee and study habit survey

7. How are your grades/GPA currently?

University of Michigan Grades/GPA Survey

8. Do you think your major will be an important factor in securing a job?

University of Michigan - Major important factor survey

9. Are you struggling with Mental Health?

Since mental health is a huge topic in the education world today, we wanted to know how University of Michigan students are doing. To our surprise, 58% of the students are struggling with mental health. The University of Michigan has many resources for stress and mental health. You could refer to these resources here. Based on the survey, majority of University of Michigan students that are struggling with mental health are struggling with anxiety disorder and depression.

University of Michigan Mental Health survey

10 If you are struggling with mental health, which best describes it?

University of Michigan mental health data
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