10 of The Coolest Classes at Mizzou


The University of Missouri offers some very rigorous courses that challenge students, they also offer some easy GPA booster classes. Mizzou does offer some classes that are a good happy medium and are crazy interesting!

1. THEATR 1400 – Acting for Non-Majors

This class is for sophomore and freshman only and teaches the basic principles of acting. Because it is for non-majors the professors don’t expect a lot, but you will learn a lot. This class is fun and you can impress your friends with your new ability to cry on command.

2. REL_ST 2240 – Harry Potter, Magic, and Religion

Yes, you read that right! Harry Potter! This class teaches you about Harry Potter and how the magic of the Harry Potter world relates to religion.

3. F_S 2195: Grapes and Wine of the World

This class teaches you about the different grapes around the world and how they all taste different. So you know what that means..you get to drink the wine! A class where you drink wine all day?? Sign me up!

4. HDFS 1610: Intimate Relationships

This class focuses on relationship strategies and how to maintain a healthy relationship. You truly will learn so much from this class that you can take with you forever. And you only have to take 4 out of 5 of the exams.

5. LTC 1320 – Scuba Theory

Scuba theory teaches you about the history of scuba diving and offers the students opportunities to get real life experience. That’s right, real life experience scuba diving!

6. ENGLSH 2150 – Popular Literature

If the Harry Potter class wasn’t enough, here is a class for the Lord of the Rings fans. Here you will be reading and learning about Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. This class is also an online class at Mizzou.

7. PSYCH 4825: Psychology at the Movies

A class where you watch classic films, what more could you want? This class teaches students how to watch movies and understand the concepts of race, religion, and sex.

8. HSP_MGMT 3320 – Beverage Management

Mizzou has not one but two wine tasting classes! You will learn not only about wine but other alcoholic beverages and how they are developed and chosen for restaurants.

9. MUSIC_NM 1335 – Introduction to Soul and Country

In intro to soul and country students will examine soul and country and music. Students will listen to these genres of music and discuss their underlying theme.

10. PSYCH 4590: Autism Mentor Program

The Autism Mentor Program will teach students how to be of assistance to their peers on the spectrum. The students will be assigned a mentee to work with and learn from.

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