10 of the Easiest Classes at the University of North Florida

First of, you need to know you are lucky to be studying at University of North Florida. A fantastic university in my opinion. Yet, you want to be caught unfresh, literally. Unfresh, in this situation is not getting the grades you deserve or you have always wanted. We can help you fix that with these ten easy classes at UNF. 

1. MUT1011 – Fundamentals of Music

The materials of Music: rhythm, melody, tempo, dynamics, harmony, texture, tonality, timbre, form, style, mood. Selected skills in music: listening, singing, reading, playing instruments.

2. HSC6625 – Global Health

This course will examine the principles, current trends and practical applications of key global health strategies. This is an interdisciplinary study designed for students who are looking to gain real life skills and insights that can be translated directly into practice.

3. EDA6061: Introduction to Educational Leadership for Social Justice

This course includes an investigation of educational leadership as a profession. Students review literature covering the roles and the contexts that elementary and secondary school leaders experience. Students begin a personal leadership portfolio. It is the required first course for persons seeking admission to the program in educational leadership.

4. SOW5107 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment

This course examines foundational theories, and perspectives that are critical to professional social work practice across the lifespan. Theoretical frameworks will be used to illuminate the impact of environmental factors that influence individual health, development, and psychosocial-spiritual functioning. Biopsychosocial challenges and strategies for responding to or confronting the challenges will be explored.

5. SPM2000 – Introduction to Sport Management

This course is designed to provide students a foundation in the field of sport management. It is an introductory course designed to generate interest and understanding in continued study of the sport industry. Students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with various sport management
professionals in the local community and have the opportunity to network in the sport industry.

6. ANT3462 – Health, Illness and Culture

This course introduces students to medical anthropological perspectives that are useful in understanding the implications of social and cultural diversity as they relate to health and healing. This course addresses a variety of challenging issues related to the application of medical anthropological theories and methods. As the world becomes increasingly composite, cross-cultural perspectives are critical to understanding the complexities of human diversity in the contemporary world. This course offers tools for studying phenomena affecting human health and healing.

7. WOH1012 – (GW) World History I

This course will provide a survey of world history from earliest human prehistory to the later middle ages. It will introduce students to the major civilizations and societies of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. It will trace key developments in political organization, religion, culture and society in the different regions of the world, and will compare those developments in order to provide insight into the fundamental dynamics of human history. The course will also explore the interactions between the different regions, in order to assess the role of intercultural contacts in promoting change in human societies.

8. AMH3571 – (CD) Introduction to African American History

The African-American experience from the colonial period to the Civil War era, from slavery to freedom. Key themes include the evolution of the African-American family and community, and the
emancipation and civil rights movements before the 20th century.

9. DIG3176: Introduction to the Digital Humanities

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of the Digital Humanities. Students will explore a variety of tools, methodologies, and theoretical problems central to the application of technology in the humanities.

10. CRW2000 – (GW) Introduction to Creative Writing

In this course, students will read works from a variety of literary genres, produce samples of work in each genre, develop productive critiques of one another’s work within a workshop setting, andrevise at least one of their samples. This course is for students who want to develop basic skills in more than one genre of creative writing.

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