10 of the Easiest Classes at URI

University of Rhode Island

Many students at the University of Rhode Island are on the lookout for easy classes to boost their GPA. Finding these easy classes is not so easy, so we have helped by compiling a list of these classes. Some of the classes are easy online classes at URI. Here are 10 of the easiest classes you will find at the University of Rhode Island.

1. MUS 105 – History of Rock and Roll

The History of Rock and roll is a survey of British and American Rock music beginning with jazz and blues through rock development from its roots to the present day.

2. AVS 101 – Introduction to Animal Science

Animal industry’s role in the world and national economy; inheritance, growth, physiology, nutrition, and diseases of domestic animals and poultry; geographic distribution and marketing of animal products.

3. COM 100 – Communication Fundamentals

 Integrates basic theory and experience in various communication contexts, including public speaking, small groups, and interpersonal communication. Examines human differences to develop more effective communication skills.

4. GCH 102G – Interdisciplinary Topics in Diversity and Inclusion

Study important contemporary interdisciplinary topics with substantial relevance to diversity and inclusion, incorporating substantial attention to ethics.

5. APG 200 – Language and Culture

A cross-cultural survey of the interaction of culture and language. Introduction to various fields of linguistic research emphasizing descriptive and semantic investigations. Linguistic studies are used as illustrative material.

6. ARB101 – Beginning Arabic I

Fundamentals of grammar and pronunciation of Arabic; exercises in reading, writing, and conversation.

7. AST 108 – Introductory Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies

Celestial sphere, constellations. Constitution of sun, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. The planetarium is used freely for lectures and demonstrations.

8. AST 102 – Beginning CHINESE ii

Fundamentals of grammar and pronunciation exercises in reading, writing, and conversation.

9. FLM100 –  Introduction to Film/Media for Online Programs

 Introduction to film practice techniques for medical professionals, including film history, genres, analysis of film texts, and reading of film images in their aesthetic, cultural, and literary context.

10. HIS 110 – Ancient Greece: History and Archaeology

An introduction to the history and archaeology of ancient Greece and Greek Civilization from the Bronze age to Alexander the Great’s death.

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