5 Ways to get Involved at The University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island

Being in a new environment can be scary and hard at URI. By joining or looking into some university groups and organizations on campus, It can help you with meeting new friends and get social at The University of Rhode Island.

1. 193 Student Coffeehouse

This is a student organization, located in Memorial Union 200.  “The Coffeehouse is a fairly unnoticed and wonderful space for students to relax, study, play board games, have intellectual discussions about life and academia, and meet to socialize over a hot cup o’ joe! Our mission is to provide a non-profit, fair trade coffee bar with a friendly and creative atmosphere and what many people call the best coffee and atmosphere on this campus!”( Shannon Cron). If you like coffee, and meeting new people this is an organization for you. The meetings are Tuesdays 6-8 Pm at the coffeehouse. This is a great way to interact on campus and be apart of something and do homework while your at it.

2. LGBT Women’s Group

A student organization for anyone, of any race, background, sexuality. Students from a variety of backgrounds come together and just talk, bring each other support where they can be safe and very welcome to new members. Meetings: Thursday’s Roosevelt hall 223. A good way to get involved in leadership on campus. 

3. Rhody Rides

Join Rhody Rides, Uri’s auto club. It was made to support students who love cars and have a passion for them. This helps bring together people of the same interest on campus and a great way to share, and become friends. Meetings: Biweekly and dates, locations located on their Facebook  page. 

4. URI S.A.V.E.S 

A volunteer organization that engages students to services in their community without being tied down to religious afflictions. Meaning, anyone is welcome and this is a welcoming club. A good club to get out there and save the environment with friends.  They have meetings on Tuesday’s at 6:00 Pm in the memorial Union 308.


The Outing club hosts a variety of trips that include activities such as camping, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, and much more each semester. Join them in room 360 Memorial union on Tuesdays.

It is important and crucial to get social in university. This is the time in our lives where we should be the most social and having the most fun. Hopefully, these clubs and ideas will help someone out there. I only listed a few, URI has many more to choose from on their website.

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