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Elon University students tend to use a lot of social media. Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter are all used, but nothing says more about a person then how many followers they have on Instagram. While I’m joking, I’m not joking at all, people take Instagram pretty seriously, and there are some accounts you have to follow to stay up to date on the Elon bubble in which we live. With that said, here are 6 Instagram accounts to follow at Elon University.

1. Barstool Elon (@barstoolelon)

With the least amount of followers on this list, Barstool Elon is on this list for good reason. Not only has its Instagram followers doubled in the past year, but the posts they have are pretty funny, and extremely relevant to Elon (you might even see your friend up there). Not only is Barstool Elon a great account to follow, but it’s a great place to send in submissions to feature yourself or one of your friends. Remember, once something’s up on the internet, it can’t be taken down.

2. Elon Phoenix (@elonphoenix)

Coming in next on the list is the Elon University Athletics Instagram. Like Barstool Elon, this account is on the rise as it was recently created, and it is a great way to keep up with Elon athletics. People tend to criticize Elon’s sports, but our Football and Basketball teams are on the rise, not to mention the countless other sports that your friends may play on. Once again, following this account can be a good way to keep up with scores and possibly convince your friends that you came to the game.

3. Hannah Durbin (@Healthy_happy_hannah)

Hannah Durbin is a role model to many. With an incredible life story, Hannah continues to inspire guys and girls with her fitness and Instagram posts filled with emboldening messages/captions. Hannah has grown significantly throughout her time at Elon and has recently gotten a job at Equinox. To learn more, check out her website.

4. Elon University (@elonuniversity)

Similar to Elonphoenix, this is a great way to keep up with big news happening at the school. If there is a food truck event, internship fair, or a change in the administration, this is a great way to keep up with the news. On top of that, Elonuniversity’s Instagram account posts beautiful pictures, specifically in the heart of the summer and J-term as the snow comes down. This account is a great mix of Elon news, and beautiful pictures of our registered botanical garden of a school.

5. Sam Fehers (@samanthafeher)

Sam Feher has garnered an incredible following of over 50k over the past few years for her model-esq pictures. Sam has gotten to the point where most of her posts are either sponsored or being used to advertise a product. Most of her pictures are in playful clothes as she fits the stereotypical blond hair blue/green eyed girl. Many girls look up to Sam for her great looks and incredible following that she has gathered over the last couple of years.

6. Katy Bellotte (@katybellotte)

Katy Bellotte, otherwise known as Hello Katy, has been an Elon phenomenon for years now. She got famous from her YouTube channel where she would showcase her make up. Now, she has turned into a YouTube personality posting vlogs, and continuing with her make up critiques. Through her YouTube popularity she grew her Instagram account to 159 thousand. This is an incredible story as she makes a ton of money from YouTube ads and sponsors.

7. Molly McAdam (@mollsmcadam)

By following these accounts, you will be sure to be updated with all things Elon. Some of these famous girls may go on to do great things and continues to inspire people in the years to come. Make sure to check out their links to learn more, and if you haven’t already, go follow these accounts!

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