10 of the Easiest Classes at the University of Rochester

It is normal to want a balanced schedule of easy and challenging courses in the university. While some courses allow you to quickly balance school life and real life, others don’t. Below is the list of 10 easy courses you can take at the University of Rochester to balance you and boost your GPA.

1. COM 3533 – Intercultural Communication

Major theories and concepts involved in intercultural communication. Emphasis on increasing awareness of and sensitivity to persons of other cultures and/or co-cultures and improving personal effectiveness in intercultural communication

2. THE 1103 – Acting I

An introduction to acting theory and practice, including script analysis and performance in modern realism.

3. CIS 1103 – Introduction to Computing

This course introduces students to computers and their use. Students will learn the names and functions of the parts of a computer. They will become familiar with the general categories of computer software. In the hands-on component of the course, students will become comfortable with basic computer processes and procedures. They will be introduced to several software programs and will use email and the internet

4. BIO 2313 – Nutrition

Principles of nutrition, metabolism, food values, and dietary requirements for healthy body maintenance and growth

5. SWK 2013 – Introduction to Social Work

Examines the field of social welfare, the history of American social services, and issues relating to the field of social work practice.

6. SWK 3003 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Human behavior dynamics and the effect of social environment on individual lifetime development. Biological, psychological, and social perspectives on human function. Students develop a people-in-systems theory

7. THE 1001 – Introduction to Theatre Studies

An overview of the requirements and expectations of theatre, musical theatre, and theatre management majors, including vocational development, portfolio building, and career preparation.

8. DAN 1081 – Dance for Musical Theatre

Introduction to the basic musical theater terminology and dance techniques.

9. PSY 2013 – General Psychology

Human behavior, personality, motivation, emotion, intelligence, personal adjustment, and the social and physiological bases of behavior

10. MCM 2833 – Digital Photography

An overview of photography techniques and standards, including advanced strategies for digital camera operation and computer processing of photos for publication. Designed for students who need a working knowledge of photography for their chosen profession. Students must have access to their own digital cameras

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