10 of the Easiest Classes at the University of Memphis

The University of Memphis attracts a lot of students from every part of the country. These students have a different range of interests and backgrounds, and this shows in the class options. They, therefore, have to choose easy classes to add to their core classes to boost their GPA and ease the stress of college. The following are 10 of the easiest classes you can take at the University of Memphis.

1. CDFS 3401 – Parent Child Relations

 The parental role, parent-child relationship, and factors that influence parenthood.

2. AAAS 2100 – Intro Afr/Afr American Study

Status of Africans and African Americans in historical and modern times.

3. ANTH 1200 – Cultural Anthropology

Global comparison of cultural traits and traditions such as social relations, language, religion and ritual, and problems of developing nations or minority groups in the modern world.

4. CJUS 1100 – Intro/Criminal Justice

 Introduction to the American criminal justice system in its three dimensions: Police, courts, and corrections tracing its development from ancient and early English beginnings to present time.

5. MUHL 4806 – History of Jazz

Description: Stylistic origins and development of jazz; interaction of jazz and Western classical music styles.

6. ANTH 4412 – Neighborhood Development

Description: Role of various institutions and their relationship to developmental needs of inner-city neighbourhoods; evolution of American cities as context for understanding urban neighborhoods and poverty; the role of government and foundations in shaping policy at a local level; the rise of neighborhood associations and non-profits as extensions of family values; contributing to a better understanding of neighborhoods and various intervention strategies.

7. PHIL 3452 – Feminist Theory

Description: Selected ideas from the history on women from the Greeks to the present; developing methods and ideologies within contemporary theoretical approaches to feminist studies; diversity, equality and difference discussed by drawing on different epistemologies, such as existentialism and post-structuralism.

8. SOCI 4420 – Racial Inequality

Description: Relations of dominance and subordination in the United States; social and political experiences of African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos, especially strategies employed to resist oppression and reduce inequality.

9. PHIL 1101 – Intro to Philosophy

Description: Introduction to a critical exploration of such issues as knowledge, reality, consciousness and the good life; readings from Plato, Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche, or more recent sources.

10. ART 2701 – Photography I

Description: Basic techniques and processes of still photography; history and aesthetics of photography as fine art; emphasis on personalized perception and seeing photographically.

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