10 of the Easiest Courses in University of South Dakota

University of South Dakota

It can be tricky to pick simple and easy courses at the University of South Dakota. Take a look at the list of 10 fun and easy courses to help you have a smooth school year at University of South Dakota.

1. ART 111 – Drawing I

This course will help you develop the basic strokes involved in sketching. This is the foundation course for any individual aiming to pursue a profession in drawing. The course is a lot of fun and has a lot to learn from.

2. MCOM 151 – Introduction to Mass Communication

The course discusses the different impacts of social and other factors that play into affecting the propagation of messages in masses. The course is a must take for students in all majors as it is a very powerful skill that one must have.

3. MCOM 210 – Basic News writing

The course is really interesting and is a must take for anyone who aims to pursue a career in journalism. The course seems to be the foundation courses in media studies and is a really engaging course which teaches students to analyse, interpret and write news.

4. SPCM 201 – Interpersonal Communication

This course equips students with the basic skills required to be able to communicate between individuals. The course discusses the different intervening factors that help shape a conversation between two people.

5. ANTH 230 – Introduction to Archaeology

This course is really one of a kind offered here in campus. The course has a decent amount of reading and definitely is not something that will get you stuck with a lot of assignments. The courses is rated as really easy across campus.

6. FREN 101 – Introductory French I

Know more about the language structure and get equipped with the basic rules of french language. The course has minimal reading (since you are just building the basic framework for the language). The course has a really easy  final to prepare for.

7. HIST 151 – United States History I

Learn more about the development of the US since the colonial origins to the civil war and more. The rich US  history is at your feet with this course. The course has a decent amount of reading however has a very straight forward final.

8. CJUS 201 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

Learn more about the police system, bails, trials and the guilty plea. This course has a lot to offer and is definitely the building block to learn a lot more about the US criminal justice system. The course is really easy and lots of fun.

9. POLS 100 – American Government

Know more about the governmental policies and structure. The course may seem dry however, is something that you must take if you see yourself in the government. The course is an easy A.

10. MATH 123 – Calculus I

The course has a great instructor that allows you to study, limits, derivatives or more. The course requires some work however is one of the easiest math courses and definitely deserves a spot on the list.

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