10 of the Easiest Courses in Iowa State University

Iowa State University

Are you looking forward to selecting the easiest courses at Iowa State University? I’ve got ten great options for you! Here are 10 fun and easy classes to take at Iowa State University.

1. JL MC 101 – Mass Media in Society

This is one of the easiest courses ISU has to offer! There are simple weekly assignments for easy points, and the professor sends out the test questions before each test. Attendance is optional, and you watch films on the history of media frequently if you choose to attend.

2. KIN 164 – Walking for Fitness

This class is exactly what it sounds like- walking for credit. Attendance is mandatory, but if you show up and walk it’s impossible to fail.

3. MUSIC 102 – Intro to Music Listening

This class is the perfect way to fill your International Perspectives requirement! The focus is on listening to music and finding different themes and beats. Nothing is better than listening to music as homework!You could also get the final exam guide for MUSIC 102 here!

4. GEOL 100 – The Earth

and faculty as “Rocks for Jocks” due to the ability to pass this class without ever attending the lectures. The tests require some studying, but the professor emails out a comprehensive guide before each exam and offers a huge extra credit assignment. For anyone that isn’t science-minded, this is a great science gen ed option.

5. PR 220 – Principles of Public Relations

Attendance is optional, the test questions are given to you, and assignments are weekly 100 word answers. This class is a great way to learn a little bit about communication and get an easy 3 credits in social sciences without having to buy yet another textbook.

6. THTRE 151 – The Actor’s Voice

This course is all about breathing, expression, and articulation. It is a relaxing 3 credits where you don’t have to sit at a desk the whole time!

7. DANCE 270 – Dance Appreciation

This class is all about different cultures’ forms of dance and learning how to recognize them. There are no prerequisites- you don’t even need to have any dance experience! It is a fun way to pad the GPA.

8. ASTRO 250 – Astronomy Bizarre

This course was created for the “nonscientist” students who want to learn about astronomy. It covers many contemporary astronomy topics such as extraterrestrial searches, black holes, and dark matter without ever becoming confusing! It is a great way to learn about the universe in a smaller class setting!

9. SP CM 110 – Listening

Speech and communication courses have a reputation for being a challenge- especially for introverted students. This class, however, is an easy A with no anxiety of public speaking! The whole focus is on listening and the impact of listening skills on relationships making it easy and interesting.

10. HORT 121 – Home Horticulture

This course is great for students who want a chance to do something different during their day. You learn about home gardening and get a chance to do some work yourself. It involves sketching, planting, propagating, and basic landscaping. You may even walk away with a mini herb garden and a few succulents to freshen up your dorm!

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