10 Easy Classes at UT Austin

UT Austin

Many students at UT Austin are looking for GPA boosters every year. The school offers many courses but only a handful are easy courses. In order to help you with course selection, here are 10 of the easiest classes at UT Austin.

1. ADV 378 – Advanced Studies in Advertising

If you’re here, you already understand basic advertising creativity. Big ideas, conceptual thinking and the like are all your bag. Here we’re going to take that bag and put it inside a bigger bag of digital concepts, strategy, and processes.

2. PSY 301 – Introduction to Psychology

An introductory class with an overview of the broad field of psychology. Students will examine various perspectives held by psychologists, and by reviewing research methods. Subsequent lessons discuss the brain and other biological systems, exploring the ways in which these systems work together to influence mental processes and behavior.

3. SOC 302 – Intro To The Study Of Society

This course focused on the science of Sociology by focusing on five broad topics: (1) What is Sociology? (2) The Individual and Society, (3) Social Institutions, (4) Social Inequality, and (5) Globalization and Social Change.

4. ANT 302 – Cultural Anthropology

This class focuses on “classic” themes in anthropology such as ethnicity, language, adaptation, marriage, kinship, gender, religion, and social stratification. We will consider anthropological theory from its 19th-century origins to the present. The course also explores the nature of ethnographic field work, especially the relationship between the anthropologist and the field community.

5. COM 316 – Photographic Communication

Introduction to photographic technique and recent trends, evaluation, visual design, and use of images in the media. Students must provide their own digital 35-mm format camera.

6. MUS 307 – History Of Film Music

Studies of the popular music of a selected culture or geographical area. If you are someone that loves music with a music background, this would be super easy.

7. UGS 303 – Signature Course

This course introduces you to college-level learning through a myriad of subjects and topics. These classes range from the arts and humanities to the hard sciences, but every class has unique components that will help you throughout your college career and beyond.

8. LIN 306 – Introduction to the Study of Language

This course introduces you to the study of human language: how human languages are structured, how they function in society, how language is acquired by children and adult learners, how the languages of the world evolved and more.

9. PSY 341K – Individual Differences

This course introduces students to current research, theories, and methods of individual differences psychology, with a focus on cognitive abilities and personality.

10. EDP 350L – Human Sexuality

Taught from a psychological perspective with attention to the physiological, emotional, and relationship dimensions of sexuality. Presents factual information and promotes scholarly examination of social and personal factors in developing healthy relationships and sexual expression.


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