10 of the Easiest Classes at UMD

University of Maryland

Many students at University of Maryland are looking for easy courses to boost their GPA. It’s not easy to find it anywhere on the internet, so we decided to compile a list. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at UMD!

1. ENES140 – Discovering New Ventures

Students explore dynamic company startup topics by working in teams to design a new venture. This multi-disciplinary course helps students to learn the basic business, strategy, and leadership skills needed to launch new ventures. This is also an online course which is super convenient!

2. JOUR175 – Media Literacy

An analysis of the information, values and underlying messages conveyed via television, newspapers, the internet, magazines, radio and film. Examines the accuracy of those messages and explores how media shape views of politics, culture and society. This is another online class for student at UMD.

3. MATH206 – Introduction to Matlab

This course is intended to prepare students for subsequent courses requiring computation with MATLAB. Covers basics of MATLAB including simple commands, variables, solving equations, graphing differentiation and integration. This is an online course as well at University of Maryland.

4. PHYS420 – Principles of Modern Physics

A survey of atomic and nuclear phenomena and the main trends in modern physics. Appropriate for students in engineering and other physical sciences.

5. MATH107 – Introduction to Math Modeling and Probability

A goal is to convey the power of mathematics as shown by a variety of problems which can be modeled and solved by quantitative means. The course includes problem solving and decision making in economics, management, and social sciences.

6. ENGL245 – Film Form and Culture

Introduction to film as art form and how films create meaning. Basic film terminology; fundamental principles of film form, film narrative, and film history. Examination of film technique and style over past one hundred years. Social and economic functions of film within broader institutional, economic, and cultural contexts.

7. HIST201 – Interpreting American History: From 1865 to the Present

The United States from the end of the Civil War to the present. Economic, social, intellectual, and political developments. Rise of industry and emergence of the United States as a world power.

8. MUSC210 – The Impact of Music on Life

Music as a part of culture. Materials drawn from traditions throughout the globe to illustrate issues of historical and contemporary significance, including the impact of race, class and gender on the study of music.

9. ARTT100 – Two-Dimensional Design Fundamentals

Principles and elements of two-dimensional design. Introduction to visual communication.

10. MUSC140 – Music Fundamentals I

Introductory theory course. Notation, scales, intervals, triads, rhythm, form and basic aural skills.

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