10 of the Easiest Classes at The University of Toledo

University of Toledo

Nobody deserves to live in fear. Believe me, I know how it feels to be afraid when it comes to passing all courses as an undergrad. We have compiled a list of easy classes to help you. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at The University of Toledo

1. ALS 1900 Intro Seminar: Adult Liberal Studies

Introduction to liberal studies. Library use, writing of a documented paper and the development of critical thinking through classroom discussion.

2. ANTH 2020 – Introduction To Archaeology

An introduction to the history, methods and techniques of archaeology and how the discipline of archaeology is related to anthropology, ethnohistory, history and geology. 

3. ENGL 1110 – College Composition I

Explanatory and persuasive writing in both personal and public genres; instruction and practice in generating, focusing, developing, researching and presenting ideas in ways consistent with one’s subject, purposes and intended audience. 

4. HON 1010 – Ideas and Society

Through a process of critical examination, analytical thought, and intellectual exchange, students engage in study of ideas in society during different time periods and across different cultural contexts and intellectual disciplines. Drawing upon primary and secondary sources using multiple humanities discourses, students analyze and evaluate and respond to diverse populations and perspectives. From this synthesis, students gain ability to apply understanding of ideas in contemporary society as well as ideas in their fields of study.

5. ART 1030 – Multi-Cultural Art Appreciation A Lived Game of Contemporary Art

This course uses a narrative framework drawn from Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) so that it is not just a venue for being told about or discussing artworks, but for experiencing them. In the course, encounters with art in virtual and real spaces are reflected on through an online journal, image collections, the creation of visual artifacts, and individualized feedback on each student’s own work from peers.

6. COMM 1010 – Communication Principles And Practices

An introductory course that provides instruction and practice in human communication including interpersonal communication, group discussion, public speaking and mass communication. 

7. COMM 2130 – Media Writing 1

Through various assigned readings, discussions, reporting and writing, students will become fully immersed in the media writing process. Students will develop story ideas, interview sources and write publication-ready news articles. Emphasis will be placed on journalistic ethics, credibility, accuracy and news judgment.

8. EEES 1020 – Introductory Geology Laboratory

Investigations of fundamental geological processes, the materials of the Earth, and geologic time.  Identification of rocks and minerals.  Interpretation of geologic features and processes from maps, aerial images and physical models. 

9. EDU 1000 – Orientation To Education

Academic and student development course offering an introduction to College and University community. Offers strategies for successful transition to University environment by examining University resources, procedures, academic programs and advising.

10. NASC 1100 – Our Physical World

Elementary study of motion and gravity, thermodynamics, wave phenomena, light, electricity, magnetism, models of the atom, the solar system, stars and galaxies.

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