Top 50 Colleges With The Happiest Student Bodies

happiest college students in 2020

Studying in universities and colleges could be a tough time for incoming and current students. It is often considered an important factor regarding to the quality of life during the years in college. In fact, college is as much an experience as it is an education.

Here is a list of the top 50 schools in USA with the happiest student bodies:

  1. Auburn University
  2. Vanderbilt University
  3. Kansas State University
  4. Tulane University
  5. University of Oklahoma
  6. College of William and Mary
  7. Clemson University
  8. Rice University
  9. University of Richmond
  10. Sacred Heart University
  11. University of Dayton
  12. Emory University
  13. Brown University
  14. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
  15. Wheaton College (IL)
  16. Christopher Newport University
  17. Elon University
  18. University of California–Santa Barbara
  19. Fairfield University
  20. Washington State University
  21. Virginia Tech
  22. University of Vermont
  23. Clark University
  24. University of Iowa
  25. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  26. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  27. University of Georgia
  28. UCLA
  29. University of Kansas
  30. Ohio University
  31. University of Southern California
  32. Washington University in St. Louis
  33. Penn State University
  34. University of Virginia
  35. UC Berkeley
  36. University of Florida
  37. Ohio State University
  38. Northeastern University
  39. University of Mississippi
  40. University of Illinois
  41. UNC Chapel Hill
  42. James Madison University
  43. Florida State University
  44. Indiana University
  45. Michigan State University
  46. University of Pennsylvania
  47. University of Notre Dame
  48. The University of Alabama
  49. University of Miami
  50. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
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