10 of the Easiest Classes at Villanova University

Villanova University

Villanova University has a lot of challenging and rigorous classes. Almost every student has to deal with these sorts of classes that can negatively affect their GPA. In order to help you boost your GPA, we have compiled a list of 10 of the easiest and online classes at Villanova University.

1. GWS 2050 – Introduction to Gender Studies.

The history and evolution of feminist analysis as a force of history, theory, art, and culture. Critical distinctions between the biology of sex and the social construction of gender. Basic principles of feminist thought, from its origins in the Women’s Movement of the late 1700s and 1800s, through modern manifestations, including today’s diverse narratives. Multi-disciplinary and writing enriched.

2. ENG 1975 – CLWS: Existential Relationships

A careful reading of intensive writing about literature: individual sections vary in themes and works covered. Restricted to Arts & Sciences students governed by the New Core Curriculum instituted in fall 2011.

3. SAR 2119 – Jazz: America’s Music

A listening study of the greats of American Jazz, beginning with Ragtime, New Orleans, Big Band, Swing, Fusion, and current trends.

4. SAR 2113 – The Charm of Music

A listening study approach to the many-faceted world of music from the great classics and their masters to the twentieth century’s cultural explosion.

5. PHI 1000 – Knowledge, Reality, Self

Philosophical responses to how we can know, what is real, and the nature of human existence that explore the dialogue between Catholic, Christian, secular, and skeptical perspectives.

6. AAH 2000 – Ancient Art

The artistic contributions of Egypt’s ancient societies, the Aegean, Greece and Rome, were placed within appropriate cultural contexts.

7. COM 1300 – Film Analysis

Methods and perspectives used to analyze visual media drawing on contemporary and historically significant films. Historical, theoretical, and aesthetic approaches to film analysis and the social, political, and economic forces influence film content. This course does not fulfill a COM primary requirement

8. CLA 2032 – Classical Mythology

The myths, legends, and folklore of the Greeks and Romans developed in their life, thought, and literature; their influence on the Renaissance and modern times.

9. GEV 1004 – Climate Change

Spatial patterns of global and regional climate systems. Natural and anthropogenic factors that cause climate change. Understanding human-climate system interaction.

10. SOC 1500 – Social Problems

American society’s significant problems; the sociocultural basis of social problems, the conditions facilitating their incidence, and approaches to therapeutic intervention.

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