10 of the Easiest Classes at The University of Kansas

University of Kansas

Do you need to find the best courses at the University of Kansas that can help boost your GPA and ensure you have exciting programs? You do not have to search further. Here, we have compiled a list of ten of the easiest classes to build your GPA while you are having fun. Some of these easy classes are online classes as well.

1. POLS 110 – Introduction to U.S. Politics

An introduction to primary American governmental institutions, political processes, and policy.

2. LING 110 – Language and Mind

A study of the relation between language and the human mind, focusing on language as a fundamental aspect of human cognition. Topics include what is innate and what is learned during first and second language acquisition, how we process language, and whether there are areas of the brain specialized for language.

3. POLS 170 – Intro to International Politics

A study of the nation-state system, including the role of nationalism, sovereignty, and power. Patterns of state action, including neutralism, collective security, war, and cooperation through international organizations, are stressed. Specific examples of contemporary international problems are also analyzed and discussed.

4. CLSX 148 – Greek and Roman Mythology

A systematic examination of the traditional cycles of Greek myth and their survival and metamorphosis in Latin literature. Some attention is given to the problems of comparative mythology and the related areas of archaeology and history.

5. PHIL 148 – Reason and Argument

An introduction to the theory and practice of logical analysis. Particular emphasis is placed upon the logical appraisal of everyday arguments

6. PSYC 104 – General Psychology

A basic introduction to the science of psychology.

7. FMS 100 – Introduction to Film and Media

An introduction to analyzing and thinking critically about the film and other media. Students will learn to read and interpret the basic signs, syntaxes, and structures of cinematic language. Through direct analysis of selected films, television, and new media, students will evaluate and construct evidentiary arguments about the aesthetic strategies creators use to make meaning for audiences. This course will also familiarize students with the historical and industrial dimensions of film and media, and the influence technology has on their development into the twenty-first century.

8. ECIV 104 – Eastern Civilizations

This course acquaints the student with the broad outlines of the traditional cultures and literature of East Asia. It explores the interaction between these regions and cultures as well as their continuities and disparities. Course materials include translations and discussions of sources.

9. GEOG 104 – Introduction to Physical Geography

The physical environment components are discussed to familiarize the student with their distributions and dynamic nature. Major topics include the atmosphere, landforms, soils, vegetation, interrelationships, and relevance to human activity.

10. AMS 100 – Introduction to American Studies

An introduction to the history and key concepts of American Studies. Students explore major changes in American culture through the critical reading and analysis of primary and secondary source material.

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