10 Tips and Advice for Parents of WVU Students

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Having your kid going to WVU can be very challenging with so many uncertainties. After so many years of being together, it can be hard to let go. Not knowing what to do or expect will scare us the most. Here are 10 tips and advice for new college parent of West Virginia University students.

1. Give them space to grow and learn

Give your young adult space to figure things out themselves. They don’t need to check in with you every day, or even every week. Start early with college search and applications. It is never too early to start doing research on this. Listen to your kids before you give advice. Time for them to reason things out with you rather than have you resolve their issues! 

2. Fill in contact information for emergencies

Make sure your kids fill out medical power of attorney and HIPPA forms so if they are in the hospital you will be notified.

3. Start saving money early on for college

Save money and more money- it will never be enough! College is really expensive and you will never know how much you are going to need. Research on loans and scholarships early on for WVU.

4. Allow them to make mistakes so they can learn

Start early & make a timeline for your student to use collaboratively with you. Don’t do everything for them. Allow them to make mistakes rather than running to Mom or Dad to assist with rides, asking about grades, switching roommates, checking on meal plans,etc. These are all things your student should be able to do on their own. 

5. Continue to support even when they make mistakes

Yes, they will make mistakes and the ramifications may be shocking BUT they will never forget that lesson again. Continue to support them even when they have failed.

6. Teach them life skills and responsibilities

Let your kids take care of most of the paperwork and calls that need to happen. Don’t do these things for them. They are life skills. If they miss a deadline, that’s on them.

7. Join the college parents community

Join the West Virginia University parents facebook group (Class of 20XX) and read as much as you can before you drop off your student. It’s a lot of information, but it’s incredibly helpful and the support of the parents on the group when you or your student is struggling is very comforting.

8. Be brave and strong

First semester is hard both emotionally and education wise. Be brave and strong!!!

9. Research early on transit around the campus

Make sure you check transit to and from campus at WVU. Bus, Uber, train, plane and calculate travel costs for all holidays along with a couple “I just want to come home for the weekend”. Do not assume other kids will drive them to where they need to be.

10. Find help as soon as possible when needed

If you know that your kid is struggling with some courses at WVU, find a tutor ASAP! Don’t wait till the last minute before the final exam. It’s always better to prepare early.

Note: These tips are provided by current parents of West Virginia University students

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