10 of the Easiest Classes at York University

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Picking out your university classes can be one of the most stressful things ever. You know what courses you need to take and what elective options you have but deciding on which class is best for you is the hardest thing. If you have some harder classes, you may be tempted to pick at least one bird course that can allow you to relax a bit. With that in mind, here are 10 classes at York University (YorkU) that are easy just for you.

1. PSYC 1010 – Introduction to Psychology

This course introduces students to psychology, the scientific study of behaviour and cognition, by examining the basic principles of psychology and their application to everyday experience. The course surveys some core areas of psychology including research methods, biological bases of behaviour, sensation and perception, memory, and cognition.

2. NATS 1540 – Theories of Dinosaur Extinction

About 65 million years ago, dinosaurs, one of the most prominent species on Earth, vanished suddenly. This course acquaints students with the more prominent of the theories used to explain this disappearance, including the evidence and objections relating to each.

3. SOCI 1010 – Introductory Sociology

This course introduces students to the discipline of sociology and the study of society.  The concept of society itself is an abstraction and yet, it is very real in the way it impacts human individuals and their daily lives.

4. WRIT 1700 – Writing: Process and Practice

This course considers a wide range of written expression including fiction, nonfiction, poetry and other genres, with an emphasis on the theory and practice of writing.

5. PHIL 1100 – The Meaning of Life

An introductory course for those not acquainted with philosophy, but the course introduces it through discussion of questions concerning the meaning of life and death. 

6. MUSI 1530 – Rock and Popular Music

Explores in-depth the range of Euro-American popular music as well as some styles of British popular music that have come into existence since the end of World War II. This course could be taken as an online course at YorkU. It is also considered as one of the easiest online courses at YorkU.

7. ADMS 1000 – Introduction to Business

The broad aim of this course is to provide insight into the fundamental challenges that all

organizations must address in order to succeed. This course is also considered as one of the easiest online courses at York University.

8. MUSI 2520 – Contemporary Black Urban Music

This course examines aspects of black urban music from circa 1985 to the present through an analysis of the musical style, culture, and social implications of a variety of genres such as rap, house, hip hop, jungle, gangsta rap, etc.

9. ECON 1000 – Introduction to Microeconomics

Topics include basic concepts of demand and supply, utility analysis and demand, production and costs, pricing in competitive and monopolistic markets, market failure, and government regulation. 

10. HUMA 1170 – The Modern Age: Shapers and Definers

This course is a Foundations course. This fact means that, in addition to studying the content of the course topic, we also foreground the study of critical skills, such as critical reading, critical thinking, critical speaking, and critical writing.

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