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UW Madison Campus

Top 10 places to Eat Near UW Madison

If you’re a student or a resident near the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you’re in luck when it comes to dining options. There are numerous places to eat around campus that cater to…

VPN computer

10 Reasons Why College Students Should Use a VPN at School

College students today are constantly connected to the internet, whether they’re doing research for a paper, streaming a movie, or communicating with friends and family. However, while the internet provides a wealth…

slippery rock university

10 of the Easiest Classes at SRU

Slippery Rock University offers a wide range of classes for students to choose from, and while some classes may be more challenging than others, there are also a number of classes that…

penn state

10 of the Coolest and Interesting Classes at Penn State

Penn State University offers a wide variety of classes for students to choose from, ranging from traditional majors like engineering and business to unique and interesting options like Astrobiology and Sustainable Food…

uncw packing list

UNCW Packing List – What to Bring on Move in Day

UNC Wilmington Move in day can be extremely stressful during the start of the school year. We are Humans of University understand that feeling and that is why we have compiled a…