Zelia Fang

Trin Freshie at the University of Toronto, studying something in the humanities. An avid reader and a hopeless romantic who's looking to get more experiences in writing... and in life.

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5 Types of Move-In Day Parents at UofT

We are all different. Which means that our parents are all different. On no other day are the differences more glaring than on the day when you move to university. Here are…

Top Back-to-University Films and Series You Should Watch

Just like how there are Christmas movies, there are also back-to-school movies. Below are six drama films and TV series about university students for university students that will get you hype and…

Humans of The University of Toronto - Zelia Fang

Zelia Fang at University of Toronto

The Trials of Dreams and Reality The most vivid memory from my early teen days: me wandering around what then seemed like the vast halls of my high school and telling my…