5 Types of Move-In Day Parents at UofT

We are all different. Which means that our parents are all different. On no other day are the differences more glaring than on the day when you move to university. Here are five categories of move-in day parents.

1) The Super Hyped

Perhaps you are their first child to attend university. Perhaps they never went for post-secondary education themselves. Either way, they were way more excited than you are. They forced you to take photos of them in front of the Soldiers Tower, with the John Strachan statue, beside the fire hydrant…

2) The Super Emotional

Your roommate’s first impression of you is actually your crying mom… who couldn’t stop crying… and who wouldn’t leave… even when theirs was the only car left in the parking lot… no shame in that, of course.

3) The Super Conservative

You thought it couldn’t get worse than them telling you three times on the way over to avoid parties and alcohol. You were wrong. It did get worse when they opened your Frosh loot bag and pulled out five custom UofT condoms. Luckily, they didn’t see and couldn’t confiscate that little package of lube…

4) The Super Friendly

Your mom just doesn’t seem to understand that she no longer makes play dates for you. By the time you finished registration and reached your dorm, she was already there waiting with your stuff, and knows exactly who are the people you should hang out with, when they are free to hang out with, and where you should go to hang out together… thanks?

5) The Super Loving

Sure, they could be overly hyped, or emotional, or conservative, or friendly, but they are always super loving. Throughout move-in day, you could have argued about where to put your stuff, which building is actually your dorm, and even whether you should have chosen a different college. However, beneath it all, the love was there. And it always will be. 

Which category do your parents belong in? Comment below and let us know.


Zelia Fang

Trin Freshie at the University of Toronto, studying something in the humanities. An avid reader and a hopeless romantic who's looking to get more experiences in writing... and in life.

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