10 Easy Classes Offered at BGSU

Looking through a course catalog and reading endless course descriptions might be a daunting experience especially when all you need is an easy course to fulfill a general requirement. Bowling Green State University has a lot of courses of very different difficult level. Typically, classes in the 1000-2000 level are easiest but that isn’t always the case. In this article I will explore the top 10 easy classes to take at BGSU.

1. GERO 1010- Aging, the Individual and Society

GERO 1010 is an introduction course for gerontology. It is an easy course to get through and it discusses aging and death and how it affects people and the society they live in. This class may not be for everybody, but it would be a great GPA booster.

2. GEOL 1000- Introduction to Geology

GEOL 1000 is another easy way to fill your science requirement. Introduction to geology focuses on the basics of natural and physical science and the history of it. If you enjoy rocks and volcanoes and need an easy A, then this class is for you.

3. PSYC 1010- General Psychology

To enjoy this class, you at least need to have a slight interest in psychology. It is an easy way to fill your social science requirement if you don’t enjoy sociology. It is a bit tougher than SOC 1010, but it is still a very easy class.

4. GSW 1110- Introduction to Academic Writing

GSW 1110 will be a requirement for anybody attending BGSU, but it is a very easy class to get through. Many people are able to skip past the class based off of a writing placement test or taking a composition class in high school but the class is easy and can be taken online.

5. ACS 2000- Introduction to American Culture Studies

ACS 2000 teaches about the culture of America and many think that it is a very simple class. This class will teach you about the problems within our culture as well as the things that are great about it. Odds are, you will learn something new about our culture that you would have never guessed. It’s a class worth taking.

6. ART 1010- Introduction to Art

Introduction to art isn’t just a class for art majors, it’s a simple class that can actually be very interesting. You will learn about historical art as well as art that is popular today and you may even pick up a new hobby taking the class.

7. SOC 1010-Principles of Sociology

In this semester long course, students will discuss gender, race, class, family, culture, and crime.  SOC 1010 is a very easy course that is very easy to pass because it is simply memorization and only requires a very basic understanding of sociological concepts. It is a great way to fill the social science requirement.

8. BIOL 2040- Concepts in Biology I

Many students have a science requirement they need to fill, no matter what major they are. If you have even the slightest interest in Biology, I recommend taking BIOL 2040. Concepts in Biology I is a very simple class where you discuss a range of topics like the cell, photosynthesis, and other things that are a part of any basic Biology curriculum.

9. POPC 1600- Introduction to Popular Culture

POPC 1600 studies popular culture which means the media, something that we all look at on a daily basis anyways which is why this class seems to easy to many people. Popular culture is a huge part of our society and taking a class on it is very interesting and a very easy way to get an A.

10. PHIL 1010- Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy is an interesting class if you enjoy getting into heated discussions and arguments with people you barely know. PHIL 1010 discusses the meaning of life, how to form arguments, and mortality.

Overall, there are many easy courses to take at BGSU that will boost your GPA and fulfill your basic requirements before you start taking courses for your major. Here are also some tips to help you survive your first semester at BGSU

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