10 of the Easiest Classes at Cal Poly SLO

cal poly slo easy classes

Picking out your university classes can be one of the most stressful things ever. You know what courses you need to take and what elective options you have but deciding on which class is best for you is the hardest thing. If you have some harder classes, you may be tempted to pick at least one bird course that can allow you to relax a bit. With that in mind, here are 10 classes at Cal Poly SLO that are easy just for you.

1. KINE 109 – Bowling

Basic instruction in skill development, knowledge, and desirable attitudes toward physical activity. Enrollment is open to all students. This is a fun and easy course and any student would definitely enjoy it!

2. WVIT 202 – Fundamentals of Enology

Introduction to the science of winemaking: development of wine components in grapes, grape maturation, harvesting, pre-fermentation wine-making methods, alcoholic fermentation, malolactic fermentation, wine maturation and post fermentation practices, wine spoilage, maintenance of wine integrity.

3. ART 111 – Introduction to Art

Designed to acquaint the non-art major with painting, sculpture, drawing, crafts, architecture and printmaking. Development of vocabulary, analytic skills, and research techniques for the understanding of art objects.

4. POLS 112 – American and California Government

Study of governmental institutions, politics, issues and political behavior in the United States and California in constitutional, historical, social and cultural perspectives. Meets the U.S. history, U.S. government, and California state/local government requirement.

5. KINE 323 – Sport and Gender

Intersections between sport and gender in American society. Identification and discussion of the historical, sociological and psychological issues that affect the sport experiences of males and females, especially as they relate to class, race/ethnicity, sexuality, and political movements.

6. ISLA 303 – Values and Technology

Humanistic investigation into the theoretical and practical applications of technology with specific reference to the social effects of technological change. This course is available for all majors.

7. ART 122 – Basic Digital Photography

Fundamental techniques in photography. Mechanics of digital cameras, optics, composition, perception of light and subject content. Understanding photographic principles and the language of camera vision. Introduction to the impact of photography on culture. Digital camera required.

8. AEPS 215 – Floral Design I

Fundamentals of theory, techniques and skills currently practiced in the floral industry. Intended as consumer education for non-majors as well as initial preparation for pre-professionals. Includes applied art principles, post-harvest care and handling practices, and proper use of florist tools and materials in developing basic designs.

9. FSN 121 – Fundamentals of Food

Theoretical aspects and practical applications of the principles of culinary science and food preparation.

10. KINE 121 – Golf

Basic instruction in skill development, knowledge, and desirable attitudes toward physical activity. This is another fun course any student can take.

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