5 of The Hardest Intro Classes at Chico State

Chico State

While signing up for classes online, sometimes you really don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. You can try your best to use sites such a Rate My Teacher, but sometimes you need more help in researching your classes and the course load. Some majors are obviously harder than others but sometimes you can really dodge a bullet in avoiding some of Chico State’s hardest classes.

1. ACCT 201 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

ACCT 201 or Introduction to Accounting may foul you into thinking it will be easy because its an intro level class, but in actuality it is much more than that. Accounting is a combination of math, critical reading and critical thinking. Usually if you’re planning on taking this class you’re at least planning on being an Accounting major or a Business major to which you have already sealed your faith. For others, this is a class that can fulfill some requirements for your general education but should be taken only if you’re ready for it.

2. MECH 100 – Graphics I

MECH 100 or Graphics 1 is a lower division course offered at Chico State and falls under the branch of mechanical engineering. Like ACCT, this course is a lower division course but with an upper division workload. The class works on the basics of graphics for engineering majors and should only be taken if you’re planning on becoming a mathematics or mechanical engineering major. Other classes like statistics can replace this course and not keep you up late at night frustrated on homework. While is sounds like a graphic designs course those courses can be found under the media category. MECH 100 will work with software engineers will need in their line of work which is an excellent base for that type of major but can spell trouble for the average student just looking to fill in their general education.

3. BIOL 102 – Introduction to Living Systems

BIOLS 102 or Introduction to Living Systems is an introductory course offered at Chico State for those looking to major in Biology or any of the sciences. While this course allows for the general student to enroll, this course is both homework and lecture intensive. The class is much more rigorous than the biology you took in high school and is considered one of the harder course to take at Chico State. If you’re not majoring in a science, opting for a class like geological hazard is going to make your schedule a lot more doable.

4. ECON 101 – Introduction to Economics

ECON 101 or Introduction to Economics is just what is sounds like. This course mashes the current political climate with mathematics. This course is usually required for people seeking a major is political science or international relations but again, it is not exclusive. The course is rigorous and if you’re not on top of your work, you’ll find yourself falling behind.

5. CSCI 111 – Programming and Algorithms I

CSCI 111 or Programming and Algorithms I is pretty much what is sounds like and if you’re not tech savvy this class is not for you. The class is heavy on programing homework with long lectures on different algorithms you have to memorize. This class falls under the branch of computer science and is ultimately like learning a foreign language. Steer clear of this class unless you’re up for the challenge.

All of these courses are considered to be some of the hardest classes offered at Chico State and for a good reason. All disguise themselves as an easy under division course but have an upper division workload. If you aren’t smart about how you schedule your classes, you may want to consider dropping courses similar to these to lessen your work load.

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