5 of the Easiest Courses at Chico State

Going into your first semester at Chico State can be a daunting task. Between moving to a new city and finding yourself on a new campus, sometimes finding classes can be the hardest part. Today we are going to look at the easiest classes at Chico State that will give you a great introduction to the campus curriculum.

1. THEA 110 – Introduction to the Theatre

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Thea 101 or Introduction to Theatre, is a great class that wont bog down your schedule and will allow you to meet a lot of new people. This class is a great environment to let your artistic abilities flow while avoiding the mundane lectures of your general education courses. Even if you aren’t planning on making theatre your major, this is an amazing class to get your start at Chico State.

2. ARTS 125 – Basic Drawing

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Art 125 or Basic Drawing is just what you’re going to need to fill in some units without overloading yourself. This class is just what it sounds like, it focuses on establishing basic drawing knowledge. Even if you have never taken a college level art course, this class tailors itself to both types of students. This class is similar to theatre in that your major does not need to be in the art or graphic design spectrum to take this class! Art classes are great to fill up on units and not tests.

3. MADT 101 – Introduction to Communications

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MADT 101 or Introduction to Communications is a great course to help build your communication history and helps break it down into sections. This class is not only light on your work load but is also genuinely fascinating. The class is a great foundation for other classes you will be taking at Chico State because communication really is the backbone of everything.

4. GEOS 101 – General Geology

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GEOS 101 or General Geology is a class offered at Chico state in surplus. This class is unique course offered at almost any time you need it. The course studies geology and is a great earth science course for those looking to fill their general science requirement. Compared to the other science courses offered this course is one of the easier ones you can take. The course covers topics mentioned in earth science in high school, just in slightly more depth.

5. JOUR 101 – Introduction to Communication

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JOUR 101 or Introduction to Communication. This class differs from the normal communications course with a focus on journalism and media. The class is similar to the others in work load and is also interesting! The class caters towards journalism and communications majors but is not exclusively for those majors. In a world where “fake news” is increasing more and more, a class like JOUR 101 will not only give you an easy A, but will give you some tangible material for your every day life on social media.

All of these courses are both unique and are easy to fill in units to get you to graduate on time. As a first time, or even a transfer student, its important to not over load yourself on too many classes that require a lot of extra work. These classes are sure to not bog you down in work and will make learning fun!

Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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