10 of the Easiest Classes at Carleton University

There are many hard courses at Carleton University which cause your GPA to go down. Here is a list of courses that could help you boost your GPA. These classes are considered bird courses or electives. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Carleton University.

1. GEOG 1020 – People, Places & Environments

This course introduces the perspective human geography brings to understanding relationships between people and place. This course is easy to score in as all you need is basic knowledge of the topic and you’re good to go.

2. PHIL 1000 – Introductory Philosophy

This course introduces several branches of Western philosophy through a discussion of important problems associated with each. This course is simple as all a student needs to do is go through the points and not even memorize them which is nice.

3. FILM 1101 – Introduction to Film Studies

This course introduces students to the vocabulary and issues of Film Studies and three overlapping areas; film as an art and entertainment form, the aesthetics of film form, and film as a social practice but it is a bit time consuming as it has 3 hrs lecture a week which is painful but after the lecture the marking and tests are comparatively straightforward and is easy to score in.

4. PSYC 1001 – Introduction to Psychology I

This course very straightforward but only PSYC majors can take this course. This course is a scientific study of human thoughts, feelings and behavior.

5. PSYC 1002 – Introduction to Psychology II

The main purpose of the course is to introduce students to the field of Psychology as a discipline in the field of Social Sciences. The final grade depends on midterms and a final exam paper which is easy to score, and no additional work is required.

6. ENGL 1010 – Writing an English Essay

This course is an intensive writing course focusing on the formulation and construction of a literary essay. It’s easy for students who like to write and not hard for the ones who don’t. There are no final exams so basically students will be marked on attendance, projects and final essay which is amazing as the course itself is straightforward.

7. MATH 1107 – Linear Algebra I

This course is mostly about Systems of linear equations. Even though math courses tend to be hard this is one of the easiest math course and easy to score in.

8. ANTH 1001 – Introduction to Anthropology

In this course its an examination of a range of anthropological approaches to the study of humankind and culture; including discussions of human evolution, the study of cultures and societies past and present, and the study of language and symbolism.

9. ARCS 1005 – Drawing

It’s a basic architectural course which teaches free-hand drawing as a way of observing and understanding the world. Also, various media and techniques introduced through a wide range of studio and outdoor exercises.

10. CGSC 1001 – Mysteries of the Mind

In this course we deal with the nature of knowledge, how we learn, the extent to which human thinking is rational, biases in thinking, and evolutionary influences on cognition.

Overall making your GPA higher depends on the hard work and dedication put by the student. Regardless the course they take as without effort easy courses aren’t going to give the best of results.

Jessica Allen

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