10 of the Easiest Classes at SDSU

Picking out your college classes can be one of the most stressful things ever. You know what classes you need to take and what elective options you have but deciding on which class is best for you is the hardest thing. If you have some harder classes, you may be tempted to pick at least one class that can allow you to relax a bit. With that in mind, here are 10 classes at San Diego State University (SDSU) that are easy just for you.

 1. REL S 358 – Death, Dying, Afterlife

Now, this course may not be for everyone as it can be a sensitive topic for many, but if anyone enjoys philosophical thoughts and ideas, this might be for you. The whole idea is to talk about the many different religions and how they practice their rituals and also how they process the whole idea of death. It talks about grieving, afterlife and how people view their lives toward the end of the road. This course is perfect as it doesn’t really need much besides thinking and it talks about some really interesting things that will get your mind turning.


2. LGBT 322 – Lesbian and Gay History and Culture

Equality is a good thing and what better way to show that than by joining this class. It will educate everyone about the LGBT community and will bring people together in the process. The course goes over peoples attitudes over the years, some approving and some disapproving. It also goes over the many different types of contributions the LGBT community has given to society as a whole.


3. HIST 537 – Star Trek, Culture, and History

What a time to be alive! This class is made for you to be able to explore the world of Star Trek and creates a larger picture of it by incorporating the history of World War II America and puts these two together showing just how they relate to each other. If you’re gonna learn about history, why not add some Star Trek to it.


4. MUSIC 351 – Psychedelic Rock of the 1960’s

This is a very cool course that you can take. It is open to non-music majors, meaning a lot more people are able to try it out. It explains how Psychedelic rock music took a huge role in the development of rock music as a whole. There’s a lot of music listening in the course too. Apparently, the teacher who teaches this course is really cool and has a lot of fun with the course, so why not check it out?


5. SOC 433 – Wealth, Status and Power

Some people don’t really enjoy sociology classes, but this class, in particular, seems to be a very interesting class that can keep people engaged. It goes over the big picture of social inequality. Low, middle and of course high class. How power and privilege can help you get around in the world compared to those who don’t have those things. It’s a good class if you want to get a bigger insight into the society around you.

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6. REL S 315 – Yoga Theory and Practice

This class is very relaxing as its name might suggest. The class goes into the cultural, historical and philosophical aspects of yoga and its traditions. It goes from way back then all the way to modern times and how yoga has evolved over that time. Overall this class seems to be very easy going.


7. JMS 416 – Media and Sports

As the title suggests, this is dealing with media and sports. A lot of guys and girls might definitely enjoy this course as they would be able to understand the relationship of sports in the media industry and get better ideas about how the professional sports world works.

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8. DANCE 181 – Introduction to Dance

Calling all those who love anything about dancing. This course is for you guys! Though pretty much anyone can take this class as it doesn’t call for you to dance but rather watch and analyze dancers all of the types of styles. It’s for you to appreciate the art that goes into a dance. It doesn’t just show dance as an art though, but also through a therapeutic, fitness, and ritual aspect.


9. ANTH 422 – Music and Culture

This class is looking into non-western music and more into music from all around the world. It tries to understand a society through their music and language. It is a very good class to help people understand music that is not from their culture and see how music transcends language. If anyone already likes music from other countries such as Spanish music, or K-pop than this course could be for you.


10. NUTR 203 – Cultural Aspects of Food and Nutrition

This is a pretty simple class overall. It is simply telling you the different beliefs and health benefits of food from all types of cultures. It a fun class if you like food and it helps you learn some new things. It’s a win-win situation.


These classes are easy in general, but of course, you still have to put some effort into them. The whole idea of taking a class that is easier is to help you relieve the stress of difficult classes. This can also help you boost your grades and overall GPA. With that in mind, you should definitely TREAT YOURSELF! Let yourself relax.

Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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