Rise of EdTech Apps – What Does It Mean for You?

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Changing times warrant the need for a change of habit. Over the last few years, the pandemic has led to a change in the way the education system operates. The need for isolation gave rise to many EdTech apps, which helped cater to the needs of students and teachers.

Many parents also downloaded apps to help their children to ease their learning process.

If you as a student, face difficulties in focusing, need help with any subject, or want to increase your proficiency, you can seek help from these apps.

Subject Wise Help

We often face problems dealing with various subjects. Seeking help from outside can be a great solution to tackle any hiccups. The presence of online sites with tutors makes the job of homework especially easy for you. Such sites help you with various topics, and you can be worry-free regarding your homework.

For example, if you have an issue with your passages, you can seek English homework help on such sites. Even if you are a native speaker, studying English can be very hard. Such sites will help you adhere to the English grammar rules and help you complete your homework on time.

A language app that has become popular recently is Duolingo. You can learn and master any language with this app. Duolingo also offers solutions for growing children and teachers to enhance their learning experience further. The app has more than 25 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

The gamification of the learning process helps Duolingo to make the user understand the language easily. The app is free, and you will need to pay if you opt for the ad-free version.

Tracking Grades

Remind is an app that allows students, teachers, and parents to track their grades. It also allows them to communicate about student’s grades, academic schedules, upcoming events, and other aspects relating to schools.

Google Classroom is also a handy app that many are opting to use. It allows the schools to share grades, projects, and assignments. The tool also facilitates remote homework allocation and group projects. You can keep up with your assignments as Google Classroom also allows teachers to post grades.

Increase Focus

If you have a project that includes daunting tasks, tools like Flipd or StayOnTask can help you organize them. A random timer will pop up on your cell phone to ensure that the scheduled work completes in time. Usually, the user is unaware when the alarm will go off, so they feel the compulsion to finish it.

Flipd increases your concentration with the help of music and also allows you to create study groups. Your total time spent will automatically categorize into buckets based on the data. Both the apps have free as well as premium paid versions with access to more content.

End of Procrastination

It often happens that many kids tend to delay the work at hand. Such procrastination issues often lead to non-completion of work and ultimately poor performance.

Tools that help to track and plan the activities can be of great help for the students. If you also have such issues, you can opt for using myHomework Student Planner. The planner aptly covers the absence of a physical planner and proves to be a great replacement.

You can choose to include test dates, project deadlines, and homework assignment due dates. You can even track other activities like ‘things to carry to the gym’ or ‘instrument to carry for the music class.’ It is a free app and enables you to connect multiple devices and thus making your schoolwork fun and easy.

What would you do if an app aids you to track your family and your to-do list? Remember the Milk is such a to-do list service that allows you to complete all these jobs seamlessly. It enables you to get notifications for your scheduled tasks on text, email, instant message, or Twitter.

Every family member can easily see what other members are doing as long as they are part of the app. Hence managing and scheduling multiple tasks become effortless.

So as you can see, the above list helps you get apps that can make your life easier and aid your study regime. Choosing such tools can help you to complete the task faster and at the same time not miss any of the activities. The advancement in technology and EdTech will give us more improved educational services in the days ahead.

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