10 Things Most Girls Need in University

10 Things Most Girls Need in University

Two years in and I am still collecting items that are a must-have for life in college! It seems overwhelming, I know, shopping for everything you need before you leave the comforts of your home and move to college, but as long as you listen to the advice of women before you, you’ll be fine. Below, is a compiled list of at least some of the things that every girl is gonna find herself in desperate need (or at least moderate need, but it’ll feel desperate) of once she begins her time at college!

1. Back Pillow

This is an amazing invention in the world of supported comfort. This pillow is great for studying in your bed when you’re confined to your shoe-box of a room or for sitting up during your late-night Netflix binges. It can easily be moved from the bed to the floor to the hallway for whatever your needs require and they usually come in super fun colors!


2. Duck Boots

With unexpected weather conditions especially throughout the winter and spring. These boots are great because they keep your feet dry and you can layer lots of cute socks underneath to keep your toes toasty! They complete a cute winter outfit and they allow you to walk without looking out for every puddle on the street!

duck boots

3. Warm PJs and Blankets

These are must-haves but you’ll especially need them if you’re living in a campus dorm! For some unknown reason, the dorms are always cold, no matter what the season so make sure you come prepared! The windows are thin so winters are brutal, especially at night so bundle bundle bundle and layer yourself under lots of cozy blankets!

pjs and blankets

4. Body Pillow

This is something I didn’t get until my second year, but gosh do I wish I had bought it earlier! This pillow is great for closing that gap between your bed and the wall so your phone stops falling in between it, giving your back something to rest against when you’re sitting on your bed, and cuddling in the night when you need to get extra cozy! They’re multi-purpose, usually cheap, and come in endless colors and designs!

body pillow

5. Wax Melter

If you’re living in a dorm, candles are not allowed but no one ever said anything about a wax melter! These will give off plenty of warmth AND awesome smells without the danger of burning down the entire building! You can leave them on all day and no firemen will be banging on your door!

wax melter

6. Planner

These are essential to success at university! Your schedule will be hectic and every class will be different so you need some way to keep track of it all! A planner is a great way to organize all your assignments and exams as well as keep track of meetings, dates, and birthdays! Basically, you will become completely dependent on your planner since it contains your life!

college planner

7. Long Phone Charger

This is another fabulous invention, especially when your bed is just a little too far away from the outlets! These long chargers allow you to comfortably scroll through your various feeds from the comfort of…anywhere while your phone is charging!

phone charger

8. Travel Mug

Buying coffee or tea from the carts or shops around campus may seem casual and inexpensive at first, but it all starts to add up! Also, the cups they use aren’t good for our already fragile environment, so kill two birds with one stone and invest in a good travel mug! It’ll keep your beverages warm, reduce your impact on the planet, and help you save money by letting you bring your own drinks to class!

travel mug

9.  Playing Cards

This might seem silly or weird, but trust me! When it’s pouring outside or it’s just a lazy Sunday evening, you’re eventually gonna wish you had a deck of cards or some games to play with your friends! Just having a cheap deck on hand comes in handy more often than you think!

playing cards

10. Wine Glass

Finally, enough drinking our wine out of a coffee mug, it’s sad and unattractive! Get yourself, or get your friend, a simple, cute wine tumbler that’s personal and easy to wash and store so you never have to drink a cold beverage out of a coffee mug again! They make great gifts and super cute collector’s items!

cup of cheer wine tumbler

There you have it! 10 awesome items that you will definitely wish you had once you start school! Take my advice and invest in these now, before you’re already knee-deep in assignments and commitments! They’ll make your life easier, cozier, and just all around more fun! Plus, they make great suggestions for graduation/birthday presents!

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