10 of the Easiest Courses at Concordia University

School is tough. Some of us need to boost our GPA’s a little that why bird courses are great. Concordia University offers over 500 different courses and it is difficult to know which ones to avoid. Here is a list of the easiest classes at Concordia University.

1. THEO 206 – Introduction to Christian Origins

It studies the historical origins of Christianity with a view to understand the Christian tradition. It is a very easy course to take because there are a lot of resources available online to help like exam bank.

2. CHEM 208 – Chemistry in our lives

It is very basic chemistry at Concordia University. Grade 10 knowledge. It has about 6 online tests for 20%, a term paper for 20% and a multiple-choice final with 100 questions for 40%.

3. ENGL 224 – The creative process

This course teaches students to develop their own process of literary creation. If you love coming up with ideas on fictions, poetry and drama, you would love this. It is an easy course with a light workload, it’s pretty interesting and has no essays. There is no exam and the teacher marks easy. Recommended for writers.

4. EXCI 233 – Health issues

It is a pretty easy course with a very light workload and it is quite interesting. There are mock exams available and a journal entry project for extra marks.

5. INST 250 – Introductory Information Literacy Skills

It is an extremely easy course with a very light workload. It is fairly interesting. The course introduces students to basic research practices. The prof is always available and the quizzes are fairly easy.

6. INTE 290 – Introduction to Computer Usage and Document Design

An easy course, light workload and interesting. The course teaches how to use latest Windows operating system and Microsoft Office Applications. A minimum of 40 hours of laboratory work is required and it can not be taken by computer science students.

7. ANTH 202 – Introduction to Culture

This course introduces the study of culture. It studies the concepts, models and methods used by different anthropologists. This is an easy course with fairly light workload. It is a little boring but if you like travelling then you will love the course. If you took ANTZ202 already, this course won’t be counted for credit.

8. COMM 299M – Marketing Yourself

This course allow students to apply marketing concepts to themselves. It is a pretty easy course with 3 installments of about 1500 words and a multiple-choice exam. Make sure to do your readings for this course though.

9. FINA 210 – Introduction to Real Estate

An easy course, light workload, fairly interesting. Deals with concepts, principles and methods for investment, development and evaluation of real estate assets. Finance majors and minors may not take this course. Tip: Do past exams and know how to use a financial calculator. Warning: Do not do if you know nothing about finance.

10. GEOL 208 – The Earth, Moon and the Planets

The course focuses on the cosmic perspective of the Earth- basic astronomy, rocks and science. It has lectures only- no labs. Fairly easy, light workload and very interesting. A lot of Discovery channel videos in class. Two midterms and an easy exam. Recommended if you have an interest in basic science.

Hope this helps you in boosting your GPA and having a good semester.

Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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  1. Engl 224 is actually not a light workload, if it’s still the same prof as when I took it in 2018, it was really interesting, strict with attendance, work you had to do for every class and it really requires you to constantly put in effort if you want a good grade. It is definitely not an easy A.

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