Reasons for Choosing Drexel as Your University: Class of 2023

Drexel University Campus

It’s the time of the year again where students get their admission letters at Drexel University. We went around and asked Drexel Class of 2023 students why they chose Drexel as their university and here are their responses! Go Dragons!

Emma Sharpe

Emma Sharpe at Drexel University

“I chose Drexel because of the unlimited opportunity. The co-op program is unmatched and provides an amazing foundation of field experience that many other college students wouldn’t have. This eliminates the stress of not being hired after graduation due to lack of experience. The city also provides diversification if your academic and social endeavors. Anything is possible at Drexel.”

Ashley Dacanay

Ashley Dacanay at Drexel University

“The program for Music Industry has a variety of classes for me to take and I liked that it was founded more in business.”

Bailey Dorminy

“I love that the campus is in a city setting, so we have access to all the culture that provides, while also being near Drexel students, with many diverse majors, and UPenn right next to us! I also love the coop program, because we get experience in the field we’re interested in before we start our careers.”

Sofia Babenko

Sofia Babenko at Drexel University

“I felt an instant connection with the campus as I toured for the first time. It was a solidifying moment to walk down chestnut street and gleam with happiness from the thought of Drexel becoming my home for the next four years. Innovation and ambition poures out of every corner and I knew from the very start that Drexel University would make me successful. I chose Drexel because of the amazing opportunities that awaits and it was the best decision I ever made.”

Megan Laurence

“I was torn for a very long time over the style of campus I wanted: traditional or urban. I think a Drexel has a great mix of both. Also, I fell in love with the Music Industry Program.”

Jack Ashfield

Jack Ashfield at Drexel University

“With co-op, clubs, and facilities as a given, the top reason to pick Drexel has to be the environment and campus itself. Walking to class you’re surrounded by great food, art and culture at every turn. Regardless of what major you are you are able to go to any building and study. Events are going on everyday and opportunities surround you. Drexel feels like it’s setting you up to succeed with hard work on your part. As long as you strive to do well, you’ll be greatly helped and rewarded because here, ambition can’t wait.”

Corey Stafford

 Corey Stafford at Drexel University

“I chose Drexel University because of the opportunity that the school gives its students. The ability to co-op and engage with the community helps create networks for every Drexel student leading to almost guaranteed job placement after graduation.”

Vivek Khimani

Vivek Khimani at Drexel University

“Drexel has amazing sports programs and facilities on-campus. In addition to co-ops, scholarships, and aids, I chose to attend Drexel because of it’s great Squash program. To stay on top of the academics, I believe that pursuing fitness and hobbies is equally important to stay refreshed.”

Kelsey Chandran

“Originally, I heard about the BS/MD program and applied. However, I didn’t get it. Although I didn’t get into the program itself, I began researching more about the institution, only to find out about its extensive co-ops, research opportunities, renown medical school, and its employment rate post graduation. I realized I wanted to be in the city and knew Philadelphia and Drexel was the place to be.”

Elyse Steklenski

Elyse Steklenski at Drexel University

“I knew I wanted to go to drexel since the beginning of my college search. I love their co-op program and everyone I’ve met is so friendly and welcoming. I really enjoyed their camp business program this past summer, and I felt like drexel is the best fit for me.”

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