13 Signs You Go To Northeastern University

Northeastern University Campus

Northeastern University has almost 14,000 undergraduates. But all of those undergraduates have one thing in common: They all go to Northeastern. Here are 13 signs you go to Northeastern University.

1. You never know whether it’s a Northeastern, BC, MIT, or BU party. But you’re certain it’s never a Wentworth one

2. You think many things of BU kids, but this is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind: “Peasants everywhere at BU”

3. You’re well aware of the rubbing the nose of the Husky statue in Ell Hall before an exam to bring good luck superstition. Whether you believe it or not, you’re guilty of participating at least once

4. When you’re already a few weeks deep into the new semester, you haven’t logged into COOL once, and you’re still pretending everything is OK

5. You find yourself at Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics games more than Northeastern games because school pride

6. You’ve rode the Orange Line so many times that nothing surprises you anymore

7. You told yourself you would set some co-op money aside for savings…but then the responsible college student in you kicked in

8. When your grandparents and relatives ask you what grade you’re in over the holiday breaks

9. When you and squad stumble into an amazing party in Mission Hill and someone asks “so who do you know here?”

10. 11 times out 10 that awkward encounter with someone you met freshmen year and didn’t follow up with sophomore or junior year will go a little something like this: “So…. like are you on co-op or in classes?

11. You’re fortunate to experience both life in the city while still having a campus feel

12. You’re all for the Springfest concert acts when they’re good but complain that Northeastern should spend your tuition money more efficiently when they’re not so good

13. That feeling when all of your friends begin accepting their dream co-ops and you’re just sitting there like… “I should do something with my life”

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