10 Easiest Classes at Duquesne University

Duquesne University

Rank among the best, Duquesne University located at Pittsburg Pennsylvania offers easy courses that would boost your GPA! The following are the list of 10 easiest courses offered at Duquesne University.

  1. AFST 150 – Introduction to African Studies

This course will present inter/multi-disciplinary perspectives on sub-Saharan Africa paying attention to the many factors –society, politics, economics, culture, literature, religion, ecology, among others- that have shaped the region and impact its role in our world today.

2. ARHY 102 – Introduction to Modern Art

This class provides a survey of Western art from the middle of the 19th century to the end of the 20th century. Topics include Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art and Postmodernism.

3. ARHY 175 – Introduction to Asian Art

This course is a survey of different art and archaeology of China, Japan, Korea and India with an emphasis on the art’s historical and social context.

4. COM 102 – Public Speaking

Develop communicative skills necessary to analyze verbal discourse and to perform effectively in public speaking situations that confront the educated person. Emphasizes the importance of standpoint and worldview in understanding, developing, and articulating positions

5. ENGL 203 – Introduction to Drama

A Learning Community course that provides examination of the various modes and dimensions of dramatic expression. Individual courses may be organized around such topics as Western Drama from the Classics to the Moderns, Dramatic Literature and Theatrical Performance, Drama and Society.

6. ENGL 205 – Special Studies: Film

A quick way to meet the Art of Film. This course introduces students to cultural, aesthetic, and production issues in film.

7. ESL 119 – Basic ESL Speak/Listening-A

Develop speaking and listening skills to enable participation very simple social or educational situations. Learn to use communication and listening strategies to accomplish uncomplicated tasks such as providing simple facts and ideas about limited topics very familiar to the speaker.

8. HLTS 530 – Principles of Research

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the concepts, theories, methods and terminology of research with the focus on the ability to critically evaluate research studies as they apply to clinical practice.

9. MUTH 363 – Music and Culture in Healthcare

This class will explore how music and culture intersect to inform understandings of health by individuals and communities. Didactic and experiential learning will introduce diverse perspectives of the roles that music and culture play in healthcare practices across multiple racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and spiritual traditions. Students will develop culturally responsive decision-making that honors the heritage of those in need when introducing music to improve health.

10. COSC 30 – Fundamental of the Internet

Interested in teaching students technical and advanced Internet functions, this class teaches students HTML and web page design resources to ensure their future success in other classes and business/professional endeavors. Mostly taken to fulfill Research and Info Skills, this class is known for its simplicity. With most of the quizzes being counted as extra credit, students are guaranteed that this will be a GPA booster.

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