10 Easiest Classes at Texas Christian University

It is sometimes stressful to look for classes that can be easy and, at the same time, boost your GPA. Usually, you look for classes that will ease some of the stress colleges bring and balance your schedule. Here is a list of 10 easy courses you can take at TCU.

1. MUSI 10033 – Survey Of Jazz & Pop Music.

The study of jazz’s evolution as an American art form, including the study of American popular music. Not available to music majors and minors for degree credit.

2. MUSI 10083 – Introduction to Film Music

Introduction to Film Music is an overview of the history and aesthetics of the cinematic soundtrack. Through lecture, discussion, reading, and listening, students will examine film music’s evolution, composers, and musical styles. Students will also learn about the different musical elements and how they use them to support and enhance the film narrative.

3. PHYS 10273 – Introductory Astronomy: Earth and Planets

Structure and origin of the solar system.

4. PHIL 10003 – Philosophy One

This course focuses on the fundamental human concerns treated under the classical core elements of philosophical inquiry and prepares students for more detailed treatment areas in classes at the 30000 levels. Major topics include ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, and the philosophies of religion, science, art, mind, and introductory logic.

5. GEOL 10113 – Understanding the Earth.

Two hours of lecture and two hours of laboratory per week. A study of the physical environment of the planet Earth, its makeup, the processes that mold its surface features, and an introduction to the resources that it provides.

6. ENSC 10143 – Contemporary Environmental Issues

Two hours of lecture and two hours of laboratory per week. This course introduces students to significant environmental/resource problems that confront humanity in the 21st century. The course seeks to develop fundamental scientific knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles that underlie current environmental issues and engage in critical and reflective thinking about our resources, the environment, and our place within it. Field trip required.

7. DANC 10211 – Pilates I

Prerequisites: Dance major or permission of instructor. This course is the first in a series of Pilates-based body courses. It provides foundational information and experiences regarding alignment and conditioning for dancers focusing on patterning effective habits and dancing efficiently and safely. Students will focus on foundational principles of Pilates-based conditioning practice.

8. GEOG 10003 – World Regional Geography (GA*)

A survey of the world’s primary regions and the human and physical geography that shape them. Interactions between the natural environment, cultural geography, geopolitics, history, land use, and economic geography are highlighted

9. PEAC 1048 – Cycling

Equipment selection, safety, riding techniques, and training programs associated with biking. (This course is only offered as P/NC.)

10. PEAC 10471 – Rock Climbing

This course covers the basics of safe and responsible rock climbing. Topics include equipment, knots, belaying, rappelling, and a range of climbing techniques.

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