10 Easiest Classes at Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University a university with learner-centered culture. Looking for some easy classes? You are at the right place. Georgia Southern University offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Georgia Southern University

1. SOCI 2000 – Global Sociology

Exploring the global world through a sociological lens. Topics include: globalization, global inequalities, international conflict, social institutions, and world-wide environmental crises.

2. ARTH 2531 – Art History I

This course surveys the arts of the western and non-western world from the prehistoric eras through the 14th century. The emphasis is twofold: 1) recognizing the visual characteristics of period and individual styles through a study of major monuments and, 2) utilizing works of art to better understand the social, cultural and economic realities of the historical eras. The format for the course is lecture with discussion.

3. RECR 1530 – Introduction to Recreation

This class offers the historical examination of the leisure services profession; sociological, economic, psychological, political, and technological considerations for the delivery of leisure and recreation services in contemporary society.

4. MUSC 1333 – Music Fundamentals I

This course offers, basic music theory with emphasis on note reading, understanding scales and rhythms, simple chord formations and their applications, basic relationships between melody and harmony and reading melodies at sight.

5. ECON 2105 – Principles of Macroeconomics

This principles of economics class is intended to introduce students to concepts that will enable them to understand and analyze economic aggregates and evaluate economic policies.

6. DATA 1501 – Introduction to Data Science

This course is intended to provide an introduction into the field of data science. Students will develop skills in appropriate technology and basic statistical methods by completing hands-on projects focused on real-world data and address the social consequences of data analysis and application.

7. INTS 2130 – Introduction to International Studies

The course is designed to introduce students to a complex array of interdisciplinary perspectives that define the relationships and issues of the contemporary international system. Students are exposed to economic, social, political, geographical, technological, and cultural challenges facing the contemporary world.

8. BIOL 1103 – Concepts of Biology

General concept on Biology this class includes topics such as evolution, ecology and the environment, genetics and heredity, diversity of life, cells and cellular energy, biomolecules, and the scientific process. Credit in this non-majors course may not be applied to the Area F requirement in biology.

9. WRIT 2350 – Freelance Writing

An introduction to the scope of freelance writing including review of industry terminology, identification of commercial opportunities for publication, strategies for querying and pitching, and preparation of commercially viable manuscripts for publication

10. WRIT 2450 – Writing for Social Media

For all social media and internet savvy students. This class offers introduction to emerging theory and practices relevant to social media.

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