10 Easiest Classes at ECU

East Carolina University

Being a college student means always having to search for easy courses to take that can help you fulfill your requirements, stress you less and eventually help you graduate with a high GPA. Here is a list of easy courses you can take at East Carolina University.

1. KINE 1000 – Lifetime Physical Activity and Fitness Laboratory

 Investigation of efficiency of human performance through study of variables related to total fitness, physical fitness, diet, weight control, degenerative diseases, physiological effects of exercise, and significance of motor skills development. Physical activity is a way of life. Emphasis on role physical activity should play in leisure-oriented societies.

2. THEA 1000 – Introduction to Theatre.

For non-theatre arts majors. Audience’s appreciation of the art of playwright, actor, director, and designer. Emphasis on the development of western drama and theatrical arts in general.

3. ART 1910 – Art Appreciation

Not open to ART majors or minors. Visual experience to enhance student’s understanding and enjoyment of international art.

4. COAS 4000 – Scientific Diving and Underwater Research Techniques

 Basic SCUBA certification (or equivalent) and consent of instructor. Fundamentals of scientific diving, including the use of Nitrox, specialized diving equipment, emergency procedures, sampling techniques, and the history and policies related to scientific diving. Fee required.

5. FILM 2900 – Introduction to Film Studies

Introduction to film studies’ broad field includes formal analysis, genre studies, film history, and theory.

6. KINE 1010 – Dog Walking

 Fundamentals of walking for health and fitness.

7. RCLS 2000 – Foundations Of Recreation, Parks, And Tourism Studies

Introduction to the history and concepts of recreation, parks, and tourism sciences.

8. DNCE 1000 – Introduction to Dance

Development of dance as art. Roles of choreographer and dancer.

9. HLTH 1000 – Health in Modern Society

May receive credit for only one: HLTH 1000, HLTH 1050. Mental, social, and physical health problems related to internal and external environments in technological and leisure-oriented societies.

10. CDFR 1103 – Marriage and Family Relations

Introduces multiple aspects of intimate relationships and family life; topics include dating and intimacy, marriage, family communication, gender, sexuality, parenting, and family changes.

Please note that these classes are based on student’s opinion and could vary each year. Be sure to look into the syllabus first. Some of these classes could also be taken as an online course. Usually this is a lot more convenient for students.

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