10 Easiest Classes at UVM

University of Vermont

Having to determine which courses are the easiest to take in the University of Vermont, and which are not can be tough. That is why we have provided a well-researched list of courses to take to boost your credit with ease. Here is a list of ten easiest classes to take in the University of Vermont.

1. MU 01 – D2: Music of Latin American & Caribbean.

A study of the culture and history of Latin America and the Caribbean through music. Explores and compares traditional, classical, and popular genres from the pre-conquest to the present with particular attention to Indigenous, African, and European roots.

2. EDFS 001 – D1: Race and Racism in the U.S.

Students will investigate the multi-faceted concepts of identity, racism, and the dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression in the United States.

3. SOC 109 – The Self & Social Interaction.

Analysis of the roles of sociocultural and situational factors in individual behavior and experience and the social genesis, development, and functioning of human personality. Prerequisite: Three hours of Sociology.

4. HLTH 003 – Medical Terminology.

Terminology related to medical and health sciences.

5. PEAC 012 – Introduction to Yoga 1-2

Focus on teaching the foundational principles of yoga in a safe, fun, and non-competitive environment. The emphasis will be on building body awareness, connecting movement and breath, alignment and exploration.

6. PEAC 018 – Rock Climbing

Basic climbing techniques and holds are taught. Additionally, students learn how to belay and become familiar with climbing etiquette and safety practices.

7. PEAC 047 – Scuba

Designed to give you the basic knowledge and skills needed for open water scuba diving activities.

8. ENVS 178 – Environmental Ethics.

Current approaches and problems in environmental ethics drawing on philosophy and case studies in animal rights, land ethics, deep ecology, wilderness protection, and human rights. Prerequisite: One of the following: ENVS 001, ENVS 002, NR 001, NR 002, ENSC 001.

9. CIS 096 – Cyber security Law & Policy.

Awareness of legal issues in cyber security situations, privacy, cybercrime, and internet governance.

10. HEBR 001 – Elementary

The spoken language of everyday use with oral, aural, and written practice in speaking, reading, and comprehension.

Please note that these classes are based on student’s opinion and could vary each year. Be sure to look into the syllabus first. Some of these classes could also be taken as an online course. Usually this is a lot more convenient for students.

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