Top 3 Paraphrasing tools for university students to get help in Assignment Writing

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Assignments are surely not one’s cup of tea when a student is studying in the university unless the student likes to write long essays.

They aren’t enjoyable activities that students would love to do unless it includes diagrams or fun stuff, but still, assignments are not much appreciated by the 21st century’s modern and tech-savvy generation who need everything on their mobile phones. 

This mobile phone era has changed all of us so much that people have stopped doing the real stuff that was important one time ago.

One such example of this is essay and assignment writing.

The introduction to several mobile applications has made people’s lives easier and has cut off the time that they used to invest in working on different types of projects.

Talking about tools and applications, one of the life savior things that has happened for students is the invention of paraphrasing tools.

These rewriter tools help people to rewrite their content to make their articles unique and free from plagiarism. 

The importance of the Paraphrasing tools

Paraphrasing tools change the structure of your sentences and modify the text to make it unique and free from duplication.

As the internet is filled with ample knowledge people can have chances of writing duplicate content in their write-ups, therefore these tools help them to modify their content and make it free from plagiarism. 

Plagiarism is a crime that causes a lot of disadvantages to the website and the identity of a company.

Plagiarized content is never appreciated by people and it is never caught by Google’s algorithms which hide the content on the fourth or fifth page of the SERPs. 

These types of rewriting tools save a lot of time for people who invest their time and money in paraphrasing lengthy documents, assignments, and research papers.

Many business companies hire content writers to rewrite or proofread their documents. When this task can be done by an application then why waste money and time.

There are dozens of websites present on the internet that offer paraphrasing tools that make it easy for writers to modify their content with a few clicks. 

Other than this, many people tend to change old content with new information where such kind of tool can be of great help to them.

Research writers are always writing about stuff that contains plenty of information from the internet and here the risk of plagiarism increases.

Here a parahraser can help them to modify their content for uniqueness. 

These tools are one of the best ways to change the style of your writing.

Many people rely on such types of sentence changers that help them to create a write-up with different techniques

With this, writers can change the essence of their essays and can get new ways of writing every time they publish a new article. 

Let us now have a look at the best paraphrasing tools that will help students in assignments writing.


This is one of the paraphraser tools that provide a rewriting tool with very simple steps.

This tool does not require any kind of charge which makes it easy for students to use it anytime and anywhere they want to. 

Many people don’t use such tools because they are not aware of their importance, but when you get such amazing ways to save your time and effort then why waste them.

Sometimes students don’t use these tools because they assume that they are paid, but the internet is filled with free rewriting tools that help students in completing their assignments across the world. 

Either you need to rewrite a short paragraph or have a lengthy document, you just need to upload it in the provided area and your work will be done. 

One of the amazing things about this tool is that it provides three options to its users i.e.: word changer, sentence changer, and plagiarism remover.

Users need to select one option to get the results they want. 

As this article rewriter is built with advanced technology it provides instant results and produces 100% unique content that does not contain plagiarism at all. Freelance writers, students, and research writers can use this tool to rewrite their stuff without paying any charges for this service. 


As the name explains, this tool paraphrases your content but also provides a plagiarism checking tool that helps people to modify their articles.

This tool is also one of the best paraphrasing tools that provide instant results and most people rely on it for fantastic results. 

With an easy-to-use interface, people are just required to paraphrase their content in four simple steps.

The first step includes the copy-pasting or uploading step where you need to provide the content in the provided area.

After that, you need to click on the submit option after which your data will be processed and paraphrased which are the second and third steps of this process respectively.

In the last step, you will get a unique article presented to you without spending a single penny. 

This tool works like wonders for people who write all day for a living.

People who write on the same topic repeatedly can make use of this tool to create a unique and original piece of content to avoid plagiarism. 


This is another parphrasing tool that helps people to modify their work in just a click.

Many people read and compare their stuff with the websites from where they have extracted information.

To save your time you just need to copy-paste your stuff in the section provided by this tool and wait for the rewritten version of the article. 

This tool helps people to improve the tone of the writing that might be repeated in most of their article pieces.

Other than this, it helps writers to create content that is optimized with SEO and checks keyword density to make your content appear better on the search engine result pages.

The tool is one of the best options for writers all around the world who are writing every minute. 


Writing is surely an art but artists also take inspiration from something and so do the writers.

Writers read a lot and gather information in their heads but writing on the same stuff repeatedly will increase chances of duplication.

Therefore, using paraphrasing tools will help writers change their way of writing and help them improve their tone of expressing their thoughts. 

Every writer has a different technique to grab people’s attention.

Some writers fail to have this essence in their work therefore, these tools help people modify their works and make them eye-catching pieces for their customers. 

Writing is fun but writing assignments cannot be fun.

If you want to have fun and save your time for your leisure activities then add paraphrasing tools in your life.

They will help you to write and express better and you will learn new ways of writing. 

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