10 Easiest Classes at UW Oshkosh

UW Oshkosh

College is really the best time to explore and take chances. But prioritizing your classes and subjects should be done first. If you are interested in experiencing the Titan innovative curriculum, there are some GPA booster courses at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh that are considered cool due to their exciting nature. Here are the ten easiest classes at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.

  1. Sociology 101 – Orientation to the sociological perspective

This course introduces the students the Basic sociological concepts, research procedures, processes of human interaction, and social institutions.

2. Comm 104 Introduction to Communication

This course offers students an orientation to “Communication Studies” including exploration of the three communication focus areas, advising, preview of requirements for the major and minor, student organizations, internships, study abroad opportunities, and a variety of resources and services available to students to support their success in the major and/or minor.

3. Art 101 – Elements of Studio Art (XC)

This course is designed to give non-Art majors experiences in a variety of 2D and 3D Studio Art Media and techniques in an effort to expand their knowledge, appreciation and understanding of Art and Design within the context of the Liberal Arts. 

4. Theatre 152 – Non-Western Theatre (HU) (NW) (XC)

Learning about how other cultures view certain things is interesting. In this course, students will study theatre outside the Euro-centric or Western tradition (to include African, Asian, and Indian, ritual, libation, dance, puppetry, masks, storytelling, etc.) The course explores cultural differences and similarities in theatrical performance.

5. Art 116 – What is Art For? (XC)

Through reading, writing, looking, listening, and reflective creating, What is Art For? will explore the ways in which all of us have used and can continue to use visual art as a method of symbolization, a necessary element in developing literacy and a way to learn about and connect with our society. It will address visual language development in children and provide visual learning strategies for you to apply to your continued intellectual development

6. Art 239 – Typography I

Introduction to communication problem solving through the visual language media of typography. The fundamentals of typographic design are explored through the realization of both process oriented (experimental) and practical projects. Prerequisite: 112 or consent of instructor.

7. Political Science 101 – Introduction to Comparative Politics (GC) (NW) (SS) (XS)

This course serves as an introduction to some important concepts and issues in comparative politics in the context of case studies from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. It also looks at political participation and institutions, political ideology and culture, the role of government and more in these regions of the world.

8. Physical Education 208 – Effective Leadership in Adventure, Outdoor, and Recreation Education (SS) (XS)

Only a few students would turn down a course that requires them to carry out outdoor fun activities. This course presents the concepts of adventure, outdoor, and recreation education including cooperative and leadership activities. Each student will take part in a civic engagement experience where they will help teach others how to react and respond to a variety of situations they engage in while being physically active.

9. Econ 110 – Economics in Wisconsin (XS)

This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts in both micro and macroeconomics. Students then apply those concepts to explain economic current events and policies affecting Wisconsinites and the state of Wisconsin and discuss logical ideas for improving economic well-being.

10. Anthropology 123 – Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (ES) (XC)

This class provides an analytical and descriptive survey of selected cultures representative of major American ethnic groups.

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