10 of the Easiest Classes at Illinois State University

illinois state university

Students at ISU look for easy courses or bird courses to take as electives in order to get higher GPA. We at UNISUP have compiled a list of courses that are considered easy with the course description. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Illinois State.

1. NR 147 – Weight Training

Basic knowledge and concepts of use of resistive exercises to increase muscular strength and endurance. Participation in an individual weight program. 

2. SOC 111 – American Diversity

Study of major events in United States history from the perspectives of race, gender, ethnicity, and class.

3. MUS 152 – Experiencing Music

Examination of the structures of various musical forms through listening, discussion, and attendance at performances. Please note, content may vary every year.

4. ENG 125 – Literary Narrative

Critical reading and analysis of a variety of literary narratives that reflect on human experience.

5. MAT 113 – Elements Of Mathematical Reasoning

The study of elementary counting methods, basic statistics; and elementary mathematical modeling techniques, focusing on reasoning and solving real-life problems.

6. SOC 106 – Introduction To Sociology

Critical examination of the relationship between social forces and the experiences of individuals and groups focusing on the nature of social reality, social structures, and social change. 

7. ART 155 – Survey Of Art I

Arts from prehistoric times to end of Medieval period, circa 1400. 

8. COM 128 – Gender In The Humanities

Examination of gender roles, norms, and stereotypes from a broad range of perspectives within humanities across centuries and cultures. 

9. BSC 170 – Genetics And Society

Overview of human heredity in the context of biology, society, and culture; impact on treatment of diseases, reproductive technology, agriculture, aging/longevity, and forensics.

10. ANT 102 – Human Origins

Introductory course in biological anthropology, the study of the place of humans in nature, human evolution, and current human biological diversity.

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