10 Easy Classes at UBC


Are you looking for some easy electives at UBC, maybe an online course or classes with no finals? If you want to boost your GPA or get higher grades, this is the perfect place. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at UBC.

1. ANTH 210 – Eating Culture

An anthropological exploration of how the collection, cultivation and consumption of food shapes human society and culture.

2. EOSC 114 – The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters

This class introduces you to causes and physical characteristics of disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, storm surge, thunderstorms, tornadoes, landslides, wind waves, meteor impacts, mass extinctions.

3. ECON 101 – Principles of Microeconomics

This class studies the elements of theory and of Canadian policy and institutions concerning the economics of markets and market behaviour, prices and costs, exchange and trade, competition and monopoly, distribution of income.

4. ATSC 113 – Applied Meteorology

You course covers the principles of atmospheric-science elucidated by case studies applied to snow sports, sailing, surfing, soaring, and flying.

5. EOSC 114 – The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters

Atmospheric-science principles elucidated by case studies applied to snow sports, sailing, surfing, soaring, and flying.

6. ANTH 213 – Sex, Gender, and Culture

An anthropological exploration of how understandings of sex and gender are culturally and historically shaped.

7. LING 101 – Languages of the World

A survey of the linguistic map of the world, examining how languages are genetically classified and how different languages evolve. Principles underlying different writing systems and the decipherment of historical documents. Issues of languages in contact, minority language endangerment, language death and the role of English as a world language.

8. CRWR 200 – Introduction to Creative Writing

Techniques of and practice in multiple genres of writing, including fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, screenplay, stageplay, graphic forms, lyric forms, children’s literature, and writing for new media. Manuscript submission is not required for admission.

9. PHIL 220 – Symbolic Logic

This class studies the translation from natural language; truth tables and interpretations; systems of natural deduction up to relational predicate logic with identity; alternative proof methods. This course may require computer and online test.

10. GRSJ 300 – Intersectional Approaches to Thinking Gender

Exploration of the multiple intersections between gender and (neo)colonialism, racism, poverty, ableism, and heterosexism in a globalized world; historical and cross-cultural aspects, and the social construction of sex and gender, masculinity and femininity.

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