10 of the Easiest Classes at Virginia Tech

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Virginia Tech has over a 100 bachelor’s degree program and and offers even more courses. It’s hard sometimes to find easy classes to help boost your GPA. Here is a list with 10 of the easiest classes at Virginia Tech.

1. MUS 1104 – Music Appreciation

This class introduces you to fundamental aspects of Western Art Music of major periods to give the student a basic understanding of the breadth and nature of this art form. This is also an online class at Virginia Tech

2. ENGL 1634 – Introduction to Shakespeare

Introduction to Shakespeare’s drama and poetry, including at least one modern adaptation of a Shakespearean play. It focuses on how to read a play, how to read Shakespearean verse, and how the various genres of Shakespearean drama differ. This is another online course at Virginia Tech.

3. TA 2014 – Introduction to Theatre

This class gives you a better understanding of theatre through historical perspectives, comparison with other art forms, and primary acquaintance with practice and techniques of script interpretation, producing, directing, acting, and all aspects of design.

4. HUM 1704 – Intro to Appalachian Studies

Traces the idea of Appalachia in American and world consciousness and its expression in the humanities and social sciences. This class covers other cultural groups, explores humanistic problems of cultural identity, race and ethnicity, globalization and impact of massive natural resource extraction.

5. PHYS 1055 – Introduction to Astronomy

This is a survey course covering astronomy topics ranging from the solar system to the universe. It also covers apparent sky motions, telescopes, properties of the planets, structure and evolution of the solar system.

6. PSYC 1004 – Introductory Psychology

The scientific study of behavior, behavioral research methods and analysis and theoretical interpretations. It covers the basic behavioral processes from sensory and physiological mechanisms to personality types and complex decision-making in humans.

7. FA 2004 – Creativity & Aesthetic Experience

Guided exposure to participation in various experiences in the visual and performing arts; interaction with both historians/critics and practitioners prior to and after such experiences

8. HTM 2454 – Travel & Tourism Management

Survey of travel and tourism in the United States and abroad with a focus on terminology, demographics, economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism and travel, and the industry’s management issues in a global context.

9. GEOS 1024 – Resources Geology

This course studies the nature, origin, occurrence, distribution, use, and limitations of the earth’s mineral resources including abundant and scarce metals, precious metals and gems and more

10. ENGL 2744 – Introduction to Creative Writing

A workshop for beginning writers who want to explore their talents in poetry, drama, and fiction

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