10 of the Easiest Classes at UNH

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Are you currently a student at The University of New Hampshire looking for some fun and easy classes to take? Here is a list of 10 of the easiest courses at UNH that could help boost your GPA.

1. CLAS 401 – Classical Mythology

Survey of myths and sagas of ancient Greece and Rome. No classical preparation necessary. Background course for majors in English, the arts, music, history, modern languages, classics. Special fee.

2. COMM 401 – American Sign Language I

American Sign Language I introduces students to American Sign Language (ASL) and its culture. The class is taught primarily in ASL and students develop basic receptive and expressive skills through immersion and the required online lab.

3. PHIL 520 – Introduction to Eastern Philosophy

Major Eastern traditions of philosophy. Concentration on Indian, Chinese, and Japanese systems may vary from semester to semester.

4. HIST 522 – Science in the Modern World

Development of science, particularly in Europe and North America, from the 18th century to the present. Themes including Darwinism, the growth of modern physical and biological sciences and science in the contemporary world. No special science background is required.

5. PSYC 402 – Statistics in Psychology

Design, statistical analysis, and decision making in psychological research. Probability, hypothesis-testing, and confidence intervals. Conceptualization, computation, interpretation, and typical applications for exploratory data analysis (including measures of central tendency, variability), t-tests, correlations, bivariate regression, one-way analysis of variance, and chi square. 

6. PHIL 410 – Happiness, Well-Being , and a Good Life

A sustained exploration of happiness, well-being, and a good life. Are they the same? If not, do any include the others, and can they conflict? What sorts of things might contribute to or detract from happiness, well-being, and having a good life? 

7. ENGL 501 – Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

A writing course that explores types of creative nonfiction such as nature writing, the profile, the memoir, and the personal essay. Extensive reading of contemporary authors to study the sources and techniques used in creative nonfiction.

8. RMP 490 – Recreation and Leisure in Society

Examines the historical and philosophical foundation of recreation and leisure. Emphasizes concepts, theories, and the interrelationships between factors (social, economic, political, and environmental), which influence people’s leisure attitudes and behavior. 

9. WS 505 – Survey in Women’s Studies

In-depth study of topics not covered in regular course offerings. The course explores the breadth and depth of Women’s Studies from a historical perspective. In order to understand Women’s Studies currently, students look at the historical foundations that contribute social, political, and economic influences on the topics. 

10. GEOG 581 – Human Geography

Differentiation of the world in terms of population, race, language, religion, political territory, and economic life. Collection and critical use of empirical data; emphasis on spatial and ecological analysis.

What is the UNH Fight Song?

On to victory,
our team will fight and, do or die,
old New Hampshire’s here,
we’ll raise our banners high.
For alma mater dear,
New Hampshire, fight with all your might!
On to victory,
forever blue and white!

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