10 Easiest Classes to Take at Lake Forest College

Lake Forest College

Lake Forest College, located in the heart of Lake Forest, Illinois, is known for its commitment to providing a liberal arts education that prepares students for the future. However, every college student knows the importance of balancing challenging courses with some easier classes. Here’s a list of 10 courses at Lake Forest College that are known for being on the lighter side, helping students maintain a strong GPA while enjoying their college experience.

1. ART 110: Introduction to Studio Art:

This class allows students to explore their creative side, focusing on the fundamentals of various art forms. The workload is manageable, and students appreciate the opportunity to express themselves through their artwork.

2. MUS 105: Music Appreciation:

Designed for non-music majors, this course takes students on a journey through different eras and genres of music. The grading is based on attendance, participation, and a few quizzes, making it an accessible option for all.

3. PE 101: Physical Education:

Physical Education at Lake Forest College is not just about breaking a sweat; it’s about learning the importance of staying active and healthy. With a variety of activities to choose from, students can find something they enjoy while fulfilling a graduation requirement.

4. ENV 110: Introduction to Environmental Studies:

This course introduces students to environmental issues and sustainable practices. The content is straightforward, and students find the subject matter both interesting and important.

5. SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology:

This introductory course provides students with a broad understanding of society and social behavior. The readings are engaging, and the exams are typically multiple-choice.

6. PSYC 110: Introduction to Psychology:

Similar to sociology, this introductory psychology course covers a wide range of topics, from developmental psychology to abnormal behavior. Students find the material fascinating, and the exams are based directly on the lecture content.

7. CINE 110: Introduction to Film Studies:

For those interested in film, this course is a great option. Students watch and analyze films, learning about different genres and filmmaking techniques. The workload is light, and the class is enjoyable for many.

8. COMM 110: Introduction to Communication:

This course covers the basics of effective communication, including verbal and nonverbal communication, listening skills, and public speaking. The assignments are straightforward, and students gain valuable skills for their future careers.

9. ENG 110: College Writing:

While a writing course might not seem like an easy A, College Writing at Lake Forest is designed to help students improve their writing skills in a supportive environment. The assignments are manageable, and students appreciate the valuable feedback they receive.

10. HIST 110: Introduction to History:

This introductory history course covers a broad range of topics, providing students with a general understanding of world history. The exams are essay-based, but students are well-prepared through engaging lectures and discussions.


Balancing a course load at college can be challenging, but Lake Forest College offers a variety of classes that are both interesting and manageable. Whether you’re looking to explore a new subject, fulfill a general education requirement, or simply lighten your course load for a semester, these 10 classes are great options to consider. Remember, an easier class doesn’t mean you won’t learn anything; these courses are designed to be accessible while still providing valuable knowledge and skills. Enjoy your time at Lake Forest College, and happy studying!

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