10 Easiest Classes to Take at UW-Stout

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The University of Wisconsin-Stout, a prestigious institution, offers a wide array of courses catering to various academic interests. While some students aim for challenging courses to push their limits, others seek easier classes to maintain a healthy work-life balance or boost their GPA. This article provides an overview of ten of the easiest classes at UW-Stout, ensuring a smoother academic journey.

1. ART 100: Introduction to Art

This course is perfect for students with little to no background in art. It covers the basics of visual arts, providing a foundation for appreciating and creating art. The workload is manageable, with a focus on understanding artistic concepts rather than skill development.

2. MUS 104: Understanding Music

MUS 104 explores the fundamentals of music, its history, and its cultural impact. Students enjoy a relaxed atmosphere as they delve into various music genres, making it an enjoyable and easy class.

3. HLTH 102: Personal Health and Wellness

This class emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, covering topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental health. The assessments are straightforward, and students find the content directly applicable to their daily lives.

4. PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 101 offers insights into human behavior, cognition, and emotion. The material is fascinating and presented in an accessible manner, making it a popular choice for students from various majors.

5. HIST 125: Introduction to World History

This course provides a broad overview of world history, touching upon major events and civilizations. The exams and assignments are not overly demanding, and students appreciate the engaging lectures.

6. SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology

SOC 100 explores the structure of societies and human behavior within them. The class encourages critical thinking, but the content is straightforward, and the workload is manageable.

7. ENG 101: English Composition I

English Composition I focuses on developing writing skills, guiding students through the process of crafting essays and other written works. The grading is generally lenient, and students find the class helpful for improving their writing.

8. COMS 101: Introduction to Communication

Studies This class introduces students to the principles of effective communication. The assignments are practical, often involving presentations and group work, making it an easy and beneficial class for many.

9. PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 100 provides an introduction to philosophical thinking, covering major philosophical ideas and thinkers. The material is thought-provoking, but the assessments are straightforward, and students enjoy the open discussions.

10. GEOG 151: World Regional Geography

World Regional Geography offers a comprehensive overview of the world’s regions, their cultures, and geographical features. The class is information-rich but presented in an accessible manner, making it an easy A for many students.


UW-Stout provides a diverse curriculum, ensuring that students can find courses that align with their interests and academic goals. The classes listed above are renowned for their engaging content and manageable workload, making them excellent options for students looking to ease their academic load. Whether you’re looking to boost your GPA or simply enjoy a less stressful semester, these courses are sure to provide a pleasant academic experience.

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